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Rittal SA supplies SA’s first colocation, network rack project

Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2023
Amanda Venter, External IT Sales, Rittal SA.
Amanda Venter, External IT Sales, Rittal SA.

Rittal South Africa has secured South Africa’s first colocation project, which includes the supply of specialised VX IT network racks to their customer’s data centre, based in Cape Town. “Rittal is well positioned to meet the increasing demand for sustainable data centre solutions across Africa, including colocation services. We are proud to partner with our customer on this – the first colocation project of its kind in South Africa,” comments Amanda Venter, External IT Sales, Rittal SA.

“We secured this project on the basis of Rittal’s fast delivery turnaround and the quality of our solutions,” says Venter, adding that over the eight-week scope of this installation, Rittal is supplying the VX IT compartment racks (colocation racks), TX Cablenet network racks, aisle containment, cooling units and power distribution units (PDUs) for power and monitoring.

The goal was to establish a state-of-the-art data centre facility that meets the customer’s digital requirements, while ensuring unparalleled reliability and efficiency. “Security and compliance are a priority for this customer, so we have implemented measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure adherence to stringent industry regulations. We’ve set out to deliver a world-class data centre hub that not only meets the customer’s requirements, but promotes economic growth and digital transformation,” elaborates Venter.

Sustainable digital solutions are in growing demand

As Africa's digital transformation gathers momentum, the demand for data centres and colocation services has grown steadily. “In parallel with this growth, the demand for sustainable IT solutions is also growing. Organisations across the continent are prioritising environmental responsibility to achieve their green goals, meet ESG targets and attract investment,” notes Venter. “Sustainability has emerged as a vital criterion for evaluating colocation services, as companies seek eco-friendly and energy-efficient data centre solutions that align with their corporate social responsibility goals.”

The VX IT Compartment Rack, from Rittal’s extensive global portfolio, was developed to meet these requirements.

Unpacking the VX IT Compartment Rack

Rittal’s innovative VX IT Compartment Rack sets new standards for sustainable colocation services. This modular rack offers two- or four-compartment configurations, allowing for easy configuration, adaptability and flexibility. With tool-less assembly, installation and maintenance are hassle-free, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency.

The VX IT rack's compatibility with a wide range of accessories, such as cable management panels, power distribution units (PDUs) and cooling units makes it a versatile choice, as it can accommodate diverse IT set-ups. With its robust construction, the high load-bearing capacity of this rack enhances equipment safety and stability. Efficient airflow management ensures consistent equipment performance and prolongs the lifespan of sensitive IT components, reducing the likelihood of unexpected hardware failures.

“This comprehensive colocation solution delivers exceptional value to data centre operators and IT professionals. The modular design not only streamlines installation but also enables future expansions and upgrades, providing a cost-effective, future-proof solution,” concludes Venter.



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