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Samsung 'unfolds' Z Flip4, Z Fold4 smartphones

Admire Moyo
By Admire Moyo, ITWeb's news editor.
Johannesburg, 11 Aug 2022
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung yesterday unveiled its fourth-generation foldable smartphones – the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4.

According to Samsung, both devices feature customisable form factors, tailored experiences and upgraded performance.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 retails at $999.99, while the 5G-enabled Galaxy Z Fold4 starts at $1 799.99.

Local pricing and expected availability are yet to be announced.

“Samsung Galaxy foldables are built on the foundation of our openness philosophy, enabling new possibilities with complete customisation both inside and out,” says Dr TM Roh, president and head of mobile eXperience business at Samsung Electronics.

“Created in collaboration with our world-class partners, the next foldable devices offer unparalleled mobile experiences that meet the needs of our most dynamic users. Through our unwavering focus and industry leadership, excitement for the foldables continues to grow. We’ve successfully transformed this category from a radical project to a mainstream device line-up enjoyed by millions worldwide.”

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest foldable smartphone forecast published yesterday, the global foldable smartphone market will grow 73% this year from nine million units last year to 16 million units.

It notes the strong growth defies current economic headwinds, as the premium market shows resilience and steady demand.

Counterpoint forecasts strong growth through next year too, with foldables expected to grow to 26 million units in 2023.

The market research firm says during H1 2022, Samsung enjoyed dominant market share of foldables, accounting for 62% of the market by June. It adds that Huawei (16%) and Oppo (3%) came in a distant second and third. Other smartphone makers have an 18% market share.

In a statement, Samsung says the Galaxy Z Flip4 builds on the success of Samsung’s iconic form factor, adding key features, including an upgraded camera experience, a larger battery and expanded customisation, while maintaining its ultra-compact design.

It adds the Galaxy Z Fold4 opens up new possibilities for users by delivering Samsung’s most comprehensive smartphone experience to-date, offering shape-shifting design, immersive displays and PC-like multitasking features, in addition to advanced camera technology and powerful mobile processors.

Commenting on Samsung’s performance, Counterpoint Research senior analyst Jene Park says: “Samsung has led the market since the beginning, and we think its dominance will continue for some time. Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo are all introducing new foldables but they are mostly limited to the Chinese market. Motorola may be the only contender in markets like the USA for now.”

On the significance of the foldables segment across the broader market, Park adds: “Foldables not only bring fresh design to smartphones – traditionally ruled by bar-type form factors – but also more screen real estate.

“This is growing in importance with smartphone use cases expanding, especially across media, entertainment and work.”

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro.
The Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Meanwhile, Samsung also unveiled its new line of earbuds – the Galaxy Buds2 Pro – that it says “provide the most immersive wireless audio experience with a new, compact design and seamless connectivity”.

It adds that the new ergonomic design is 15% smaller than the previous offering, and comes with a secure fit that is engineered to prevent rotation, especially when exercising.

Since the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung says it has incorporated recycled materials in the packaging and hardware of new products.

“These are the first steps in our ‘Galaxy for the Planet’ initiative, which includes our continued incorporation of recycled plastics and the creation of new materials in partnership with leading sustainability partners,” says Samsung.

“As we continue to pursue innovations in sustainable manufacturing, we are proud to announce that more than 90% of the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro is made with recycled materials.

“The new Galaxy Z series also incorporates ocean-bound plastics into key components and 100% recycled paper for its packaging. We also reduced volume of the packaging up to 58% compared to the first-generation Galaxy foldables. This equates to an avoidance of approximately 10 000 tonnes of carbon emissions from transportation this year.”