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‘See yourself in cyber’ during Cyber Security Month in October

Johannesburg, 09 Oct 2023
‘See Yourself in Cyber’ during Cyber Security Month in October.
‘See Yourself in Cyber’ during Cyber Security Month in October.

Providing your employees with quality, consistent and interactive cyber awareness training can reduce your organisation’s risk of cyber threat by 70%. According to recent research, while many organisations invest in hardware and software applications to protect their networks, many security incidents are caused by the actions of untrained employees.

Such research clearly demonstrates that a relatively low investment in cyber security awareness training can assist a company to significantly improve its defences, comments Isabel Adams, People Enablement Director at AVeS Cyber Security.

“Empowering your employees with the knowledge and skills as how to proactively respond to potential threats should be a critical element in your organisation’s cyber risk strategy, and a perfect opportunity to leverage their collective contribution to bolstering a company’s overall cyber security risk profile,” highlights Adams.

This year marks 20 years of Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. Organised by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), 2023 looks back at progress made in security education and awareness and what gaps need to be plugged.

Originally started in 2004 by the US Department of Homeland Security, (National) Cyber Security Awareness Month is promoting the theme of: ‘See yourself in cyber’ in 2023. The theme highlights the efforts of individuals, as well as the importance of addressing avoidable human error.

AVeS Cyber Security Awareness & Training Services empower end-users to help protect their company’s data and assets. “If you instil a strong security culture, you can significantly lower your risk of being hit by ransomware and save substantial costs in the long run,” notes Adams.

Cyber Awareness Month 2023 encourages both companies and individuals to follow four basic yet important steps to stay safe online.

  1. Secure your devices: Use strong passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, update your software and install anti-virus programs.
  2. Think before you click: Be wary of phishing e-mails, suspicious links and fake websites. Verify the sender, check the URL and do not open attachments or enter personal information unless you are sure it is safe.
  3. Protect your data: Backup your files, encrypt your devices and use a VPN when connecting to public WiFi. Do not share sensitive information online or on social media and delete or shred any documents you do not need.
  4. Report any incidents: If you notice any suspicious activity or become a victim of a cyber attack, report it to the authorities, your company or the relevant platform.

“Even with the best firewall in place, it can take one wrong turn for a hacker to break into a company: one uninformed click on a phishing e-mail, or one infected USB inserted into a WiFi-connected computer,” cautions Adams. Although there are instances of employees maliciously stealing data from companies, a large number of security breaches are purely accidental and simply due to a lack of security threat awareness.

“You can ensure that your staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to become your company’s best line of defence against cyber threats. From do-it-yourself to do-it-all-for-you service options, set your staff – and your business – up for success with proactive security awareness and training solutions from AveS Cyber Security, your A-Team for cyber defence,” concludes Adams.

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AVeS Cyber Security

AVeS Cyber Security forms part of the AVeS Cyber International group of companies. It is a specialist in industry-specific IT Governance & Architectural services, combining expert knowledge and services with leading technology products to provide comprehensive Information Security and Advanced IT Infrastructure solutions.

Over the past 24 years, AVeS Cyber Security has strategically honed its solutions and services to help businesses future-proof their IT environments against the continually evolving threat landscape while achieving their digital transformation aspirations. The company offers a leading portfolio of professional services, products, and training in security, infrastructure, and governance solutions. Every year, the company continues to win numerous awards from some of the world’s top technology vendors, indicating competency, strength, innovation, and robustness in an industry that is fast growing in complexity due to evolving challenges, such as ransomware, advanced targeted attacks, and the Internet of Things.

The more recent awards include Kaspersky’s Africa Partner of the Year 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022 and Partner of the year, Sophos’ Public Cloud Partner of the Year 2021, and ESET’s Best in the Biz Award 2021. AVeS Cyber Security also received prominent partner statuses across its portfolio, such as Microsoft Gold Security Partner, DellEMC Gold Partner, Veeam Silver Partner, and Sophos Platinum Partner.

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