Streamline, optimise your business with Altron CSP Marketplace

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2023
CSP Marketplace unlocks endless possibilities.
CSP Marketplace unlocks endless possibilities.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Altron has in-depth technology and industry expertise, as well as unique insights into what convenient and turnkey cloud solutions customers can benefit from to accelerate their business results.

Their dynamic new CSP Marketplace can unlock endless possibilities for businesses. This commerce and merchandising platform has been designed to empower customers to find, try, buy and deploy leading cloud applications in one place, says Altron.

Marketplace enables Altron to sell any Microsoft CSP licensing directly to customers, and in turn, enables customers to manage all of their orders, billings and subscriptions as well as keep track of which users need updated subscriptions and the licences available. While currently exclusively offering Microsoft subscriptions, Altron will soon broaden these features to include additional services and support.

The cloud dashboard is one of the many benefits that comes with implementing a Marketplace within a business, and allows customers to manage their pricing, automate invoices and handle subscriptions seamlessly through this user-friendly cloud portal. In short, this dashboard contains everything a company needs to see in order to maximise their return on investment from their Microsoft CSP system.

When it comes to provisioning, Marketplace will help customers to set up and automate their subscriptions, and make the best use of every subscription that they have, whether it be Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Azure Reserved Instances. This solution also makes setting up and managing trial licenses an easy undertaking.

Zaneta Viljoen: Lead Cloud Solution Provider.
Zaneta Viljoen: Lead Cloud Solution Provider.

Marketplace also has a cost management benefit, enabling customers to keep track of their Azure spending and billing through the use of efficient cost management tools, including effective budget alerts, which notifies users when a budget limit is reached. Users can also add in their reserved instances in one platform, instead of having to go to the Microsoft admin portal.

Working with Marketplace means users receive one invoice for all of their billing and are able to track everything needed for their financial process, with all graphs and tables easily downloadable from the dashboard.

As with any Altron offering, this leading Microsoft Digital Transformation partner offers online or in-person training that covers best practice and design, as well as hands-on user training, to ensure that adoption happens quickly and effectively.

Security meets convenience with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication, which has been introduced to Marketplace users, allowing single sign-on capabilities.

As with any business cloud-based solution, security is paramount. Microsoft has launched its journey to zero trust, and Altron has adopted this modern secure architecture in CSP Marketplace by implementing a two-factor authentication system via e-mail, which enables Marketplace administrators to offer Marketplace users an extra layer of user-friendly protection during their login by enhancing the security of the platform and the privacy of the accounts. Here, users need to provide two different identity verification factors to confirm their identity, adding an additional layer of security beyond a password.

CSP Marketplace brings to South African businesses a comprehensive and secure suite of tools and features to help businesses efficiently manage their cloud applications.

Grow, manage and adjust your subscriptions as needed, with this frictionless process that allows users greater insight, management and control. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that are inherent in any digital transformation journey, Altron ensures that all Marketplace functionality remains dynamic and up to date to meet the changing needs of customers.

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