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Surviving and thriving: ensuring organisational resilience in the face of economic uncertainty

By Mark Annett, Camsoft Solutions Head of CRM Sales and Consulting

Johannesburg, 14 Jul 2023

As organisations do their best to flourish even in these challenging economic times, it remains true that opportunities and possibilities are always open to those who are prepared to face shifting business landscapes and embrace forward thinking.

According to a recent report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), entitled: ‘World Economic Outlook: A Rocky Recovery, April 2023’, the global economic future remains uncertain in the midst of financial sector turmoil, high inflation, the continued aftermath of COVID-19 and the ongoing effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here at the southern tip of Africa, local businesses are not immune to the negative effects of these global macro-events.

One could say that this is the bad news – while wondering if there is any real good news. As a customer relationship management (CRM) expert, Camsoft Solutions believes there is indeed positive news to be found, provided that business owners and managers are prepared to embrace the forward thinking outlined above. A good CRM software solution is an excellent business tool that can assist any business in being proactive in its thinking and operations.

Organisational resilience and CRM solutions

When one seeks to define organisational resilience, I believe it is first useful to look at definitions of human resilience. In this regard, the metaphor of a marathon springs to mind, allowing one to view human resilience in terms of the imagery of a race. This implies an individual’s ability to ‘stay the course’ and be able to achieve the required distance, through both the easy parts in the race as well as its more challenging parts.

Similarly, from an economic perspective, organisational resilience requires a company to stay in business over time, proving its ability to weather different economic cycles.

When seeking to define CRM solutions, this incorporates the combination of practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyse their customer interactions and data, to improve understanding and therefore business opportunities going forward.

In the face of the current global and local economic uncertainty, Camsoft Solutions’ clients use our CRM solutions to analyse their customers’ data and behaviour, and enhance their own organisational resilience – or ‘fitness’ – in the process.

A proven track record

With regards to organisational fitness, it is good for clients – existing and potential – to know that a service provider has proven longevity and a track record that demonstrates its delivery capability. Camsoft Solutions has been actively involved in supplying, servicing and supporting CRM solutions for almost three decades, as a Certified Maximizer Software Solution Provider.

Maximizer is an international, world-leading OEM supplier. We are, in fact, so proud to be a Maximizer business partner that we use its CRM solutions to enhance our own organisational fitness internally – thereby ensuring that we ‘walk our talk’.

Camsoft is proud to service a range of clients across different vertical industries, and we have seen first-hand how our CRM solutions are able to assist different types of companies. The range of industries across which we service our clients speaks once again to our own track record and organisational resilience.

Weathering economic storms

Camsoft Solutions has weathered a number of different economic cycles over the past 27 years – together with our longstanding clients – and lately we have seen that local companies and pan-Africa are increasingly affected by the current global uncertainty.

To add to this pressure, South African businesses are additionally required to deal with specific local crises, which include the high unemployment rate, a lack of skills across many vertical industries and, of course, the ongoing energy crisis.

However, we stand firm in our conviction that this storm to can be weathered with the assistance of a good CRM solution. Camsoft’s CRM offering can enhance a company’s organisational fitness during uncertain economic times.

In the face of the current economic uncertainty, our clients are using our CRM solutions, powered by Maximizer, to analyse their customers’ data and behaviour, and enhance their own organisational fitness and resilience. Maximizer’s logical, intuitive interface allows its customers to build CRM systems that make a company’s own operations more efficient.

Empowered to survive – and thrive

Camsoft Solutions, together with Maximizer, is able to assist our clients in achieving organisational fitness and resilience by providing them with a 360-degree view of their customers. We provide the tools our customers require to get a better understanding of their business and allow them to be proactive and empowered in coming up with solutions – notwithstanding economic challenges.

In this way, by having a finger firmly on the pulse of their business, they are empowered and enabled to survive and to thrive in these challenging times, as well as the better times which, we trust, will come once more. 


Camsoft Solutions

Camsoft Solutions has been in existence for some 30 years and proudly offers an internationally-acclaimed CRM system that is supported by local expertise. We have built up deep knowledge and longstanding client relationships, with an ability to pre-emptively anticipate and meet our clients’ requirements.

Camsoft Solutions has partnered with international, world-leading OEM software supplier Maximizer’s CRM solutions, which provides the business intelligence, profiling and understanding that allows our clients to benefit from a 360-degree view of their clients.

This assists them in drilling down into the greatest detail about their customers. With this comes an easy integration of information across different divisions within a company. The net result is the ability to share information and maximise customer service, improving sales and financial returns as a result.

Camsoft Solutions works across a wide range of industries - there is no vertical industry where our CRM system and service offering will not be able to assist businesses in improving sales, productivity and ultimately, their bottom line. Our client portfolio features companies in varied industries as engineering, banking and renewable energy, to name a few.

We offer longevity of relationships: many of our team members have worked in our company since the year 2000, and the founder since the mid-1990s. In turn, many of our clients have been with Camsoft, using Maximizer CRM, for over 2 decades.

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