Tactile Technologies EU introduces services-based strategy

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2023
Mauro Mercuri, founder of Tactile Technologies.
Mauro Mercuri, founder of Tactile Technologies.

Tactile Technologies EU was established in 2018 in Belgium. The business is part of the same group as Tactile Technologies South Africa, established in 2001 in Cape Town – and positions itself as an acknowledged leader in the touchscreen, auto-ID and payment technology market.

Mauro Mercuri, founder of Tactile Technologies, says: "Where initially the EU business focus was import and distribution, a change in strategy and direction has now been implemented. We now apply our knowledge and expertise by means of a range of services from market research and supply chain management to marketing and business development. We do so making use of our team grown over the last 26 years, their expertise and skill and their geographical spread over Africa, Europe and Asia. The team consists of over 50 people based in Taipei, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Hasselt."

Tactile EU's core strength and value offering lies in sourcing and research. In 2019, Tactile decided to establish a direct presence in Taiwan. This to assist us with the struggles we were facing in terms of known shortages, pricing increases and service level challenges. Tactile's current team based in Taipei is of tremendous value to business in South Africa and Europe. Faster and better access to more manufacturers, closer to R&D trends and projections, only a flight away from manufacturing or shipping sites.

After 26 years of building up product and industry knowledge and a wonderful network of people and companies, Tactile EU is now ready to take that in-house wealth and offer it to the market.

If any of these topics are currently relevant in your business or growth plans, contact us to see how we can help:

  • Struggling to find the right product to meet your opportunities pipeline?
  • Struggling with an existing supply chain?
  • You have identified a new partner in the east; however, would want to conduct some form of due diligence.
  • You import large batches of product and would welcome quality control on-site before you pay the supplier and bring in the goods.
  • You have identified a new market for your business and would like to know more about partner availability in the east.

We offer the following services:

  • Supplier due diligence;
  • Product search macro (high level report);
  • Market research macro (high level report);
  • Market research micro (detailed in-depth report);
  • Supplier T&C negotiations; and
  • Transparent procurement and support.

Our expertise and network covers but is not limited to the following products, for all markets and applications:

  • Professional touchscreen technology;
  • Professional computer technology (all formats and operating systems);
  • Ticketing and payment technology (fixed, mobile, indoor and outdoor);
  • Auto-ID technology (components as well as finished product including PDA and tablet format);
  • Printing technology (all formats);
  • Kiosks/self-service terminals;
  • POS hardware and peripherals (hospitality, fast food and retail);
  • All components relevant to products listed above; and
  • Power supplies for all products listed above.

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