Tender Watch: Fiscal finalising

Kimberly Guest
By Kimberly Guest, ITWeb contributor
Johannesburg, 31 Mar 2016

The National Tender Bulletin contains a flurry of activity as government's 2015/16 financial year comes to an end. With the new fiscal period launching on April Fools' Day, public sector procurement officers are already looking to spend their budgetary allocations.

New tenders

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal
The Church of Scotland hospital requires 63 computer stands.
Tender no: 13/ 15- 16
Information: Z Thwala or TF Mhlongo (033) 493 1033/1035/1034/1159, fax: (033) 493 1111/1124, e-mail:
Closing date: 31 March

The Ugu Health District Office Is advertising for hardware.
Tender no: 294/ 15- 16
Information: Technical: Samile Madlala (039) 688 3054, fax: (039) 688 3055, e-mail: General: Pinky Mkhize (039) 688 3056, fax: (039) 688 3055, e-mail:
Closing date: 1 April

Madadeni Provincial Hospital is looking to lease four photocopying machines for 36 months.
Tender no: ZNQ1540/ 15- 16
Information: Technical: MJ Zwane (034) 328 8353. General: AL Ntlangeni (034) 328 8244.
Closing date: 1 April

South African Police Service
The Provincial Commissioner of Gauteng seeks a service provider for the provisioning of translation/transcribing services of evidence, both criminal and departmental hearings, for a period of two years.
Tender no: Bid no. 19/ 1/ 9/ 1/ 138 TP (15)
Information: Technical: Lt Col C Vosloo or Capt. De Beer (011) 274 7689/7675. General: B Muthula (012) 841 7204/7310, fax: (012) 841-7574, e-mail:
Closing date: 21 April

Department of Home Affairs
A service provider is sought to supply an Environmental Monitoring System in server rooms at identified DHA offices for a period of three years.
Tender no: DHA05- 2016
Information: Technical: William Makokomale (012) 406 4330, e-mail: General: Nico Masango (012) 406 2789, e-mail:
Closing date: 8 April

Government Pensions Administration Agency
The agency is looking for a standard support license (F5).
Tender no: GPAA 12/ 2016
Information: Technical: Andrew Ndlovu (012) 399 3466, e-mail: General: William Ramoroka (012) 319 3476, fax: (012) 319 1458, e-mail:
Closing date: 12 April

National Student Financial Aid Scheme
Proposals are invited for the supply of hardware, software and licensing for the Sanren Migration Equipment.
Tender no: SCMN0001/201
Information: National Student Financial Aid Scheme (021) 763 3200, e-mail:
Closing date: 14 April

NSFAS also requires a data centre load balancer.
Tender no: SCMN0002/201
Information: National Student Financial Aid Scheme (021) 763 3200, e-mail:
Closing date: 14 April

Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
A service provider is sought by USAASA for the supply, installation and maintenance of printing services on an operating lease for a period of 36 months.
Tender no: USAASA/ HO/ 02/ 2016- 2017
Information: Technical: Ari Moyal or Moloti Nkune (011) 564 1600, fax: (011) 564 1600, e-mail:, General: Phumi Mtimkulu, (011) 564 1600, fax: (011) 564 1600, e-mail:
Closing date: 8 April

Department of Education, Gauteng
The provincial department seeks project management services in the procurement, packaging and distribution of electronic learning and teaching material (e-LTSM) and supplementary LTSM; Development and implement Resource Management System for LTSM and e-LTSM requisitioning, management, monitoring and tracking of orders, deliveries and utilisation of all materials provided to schools in the Gauteng province for a period of three years.
Tender no: GT/ GDE/ 029/ 2016
Information: Technical: Siphiwe Ndlovu (011) 355 0690, e-mail: Documents: Emanuel Chipape (011) 355 0659, fax: 086 538 3502, e-mail: General: Jaco Smit (011) 689-6058; or Lenard Billings (011) 689-6416, e-mail:
Closing date: 8 April

Dube TradePort Corporation
DTPC is a provincial public entity mandated to develop the Dube TradePort Precinct. Providing a secure environment for its employees, tenants and all users of the Dube TradePort Corporation (DTPC) precinct has been identified as one of the most important responsibilities of DTPC. As such, DTPC invites experienced and qualified security companies to tender for the provision of specialised aviation security services, general security services, and specialised security investigation services for its operations across the DTPC precinct, this includes Dube Cargo Terminal and Dube TradeHouse which are both regulated in terms of Part 108 of the Civil Aviation regulations. The aforementioned requires aviation specific security services as part of the Risk Management requirements for these facilities and general security services across the precinct. The security companies must be established, reputable, experienced PSIRA registered organisations with an excellent (demonstrable) track record and reputation in the security sectors referred to above.

Compulsory briefing: 31 March
Tender no: DTP/ RFP/ 33/ PRO/ 02/ 2016
Information: Vanishree Naidoo (032) 814 0096, fax: (032) 814 0102, e-mail:
Closing date: 15 April

Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa
The bank requires service providers for Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet Access (ISP) and Remote Access (3G) Services
Tender no: T05/ 03/ 16
Information: Land Bank (012) 686 0500, e-mail:
Closing date: 15 April

Office of the Premier, Western Cape
Service providers are invited bid for telephone cabling, augmentation and maintenance for owned and rented buildings for the Western Cape Government for a period of three years.
Tender no: FMA 0002/ 2016
Information: Technical: Lynne Croeser (021) 483 5499, e-mail: General: Taryn Theys (021) 483 2902, e-mail:
Closing date: 18 April

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
CIPC is looking for a project manager for an XBRL projectin consultation with other regulators for a period of 22.5 months/3600 productive hours.
Tender no: CIPC BID NUMBER: 24/ 2015/ 2016
Information: Technical: Joey Mathekga (012) 394 3990, e-mail: General: Ntombi Maqhula (012) 394 5344, e-mail:
Closing date: 1 April

Construction Industry Development Board
Microsoft CRM software development and maintenance support is required for the Construction Registers Service for a period of 36 months.
Tender no: RFB40114
Information: Ulizwi Mngoma (012) 482 7368, fax: 086-686-9142, e-mail:
Closing date: 18 April

Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs
A service provider is sought (under SITA contract RFB 1183) to maintain the Municipal Infrastructure Grant - Management Information System (MIG-MIS) and MIG-MIS call centre support.
Tender no: COGTA (T) 06/ 2015
Information: Technical: Kgashane Pilusa or Werner Heydenreich (012) 334 0533/5656, e-mail: or General: Nomvula Ntuli or Kwazi Tshezi (012) 334 0820/0848, e-mail: or
Closing date: 11 April

Department of Environmental Affairs
The Environment Sector Coordination department is looking for a service provider to conduct a business re-engineering process which will inform the redesign and structuring of the environmental local government support programme and municipal structures and functions.
Tender no: Q- 076- 15- 16
Information: Technical: Langanani Dombo (012) 399 9937, e-mail: General: Samuel Mofokeng or Renold Mokoena (012) 399 9057/ 9055, e-mail:,
Closing date: 8 April

Department of Human Settlements
The terms of reference are sought for the appointment of a service provider to develop the management performance tool 1.1 standards and self-assessment system for human settlements public entities.
Tender no: BID VA 50/ 215
Information: Technical: T Hlengani or T Moloi (012) 421 1343/1472, e-mail: or General: T Mokemane, M Camagu, M Kwinana or M Hitge (012) 421 1592/1586/1355, e-mail:,,,
Closing date: 18 April

Department of Infrastructure Development, Gauteng
The province is advertising for the implementation of a dolomite risk management system at Ezibeleni and Zimeleni Schools.
Tender no: DID 203/ 03/ 2016
Information: Technical: Tongai Ramhewa, cell: 083 469 8638, e-mail: General: Gopolang Monkwe, e-mail:
Closing date: 11 April

Department of Water and Sanitation
A professional service provider is sought for the supply and implementation of a mobile applications and device management solution.
Tender no: WP11024
Information: Technical: M Njeza (012) 336 8157, e-mail: General: Syabonga Ngidi (012) 336 6611, fax: 086 459 0176, e-mail:
Closing date: 19 April

Department of E-Government, Gauteng
Gauteng's e-Government department is looking for internet proxy guardian hardware, software and maintenance support for the period of 36 months.
Tender no: GT/ GDeG/ 043/ 2016
Information: Technical: Charles Goodes (011) 689-8410, e-mail: Documents: Lerato Moloi (011) 689 6762, e-mail: General: Jaco Smit (011) 689-6058; or Lenard Billings (011) 689-6416. E-mail:
Closing date: 7 April

Gauteng Gambling Board
A service provider is sought to conduct a feasibility study on business automation and technological solution for monitoring of licenses.
Briefing session: 31 March
Tender no: GGB017/ 001
Information: Technical: Phindile Makhanya (011) 581 4821, fax: (011) 581 4900, e-mail: General: Brian Makwela (011) 581 4851, fax: (011) 581 4900, e-mail: or
Closing date: 22 April

Legal Aid South Africa
Bids are invited for the provision of VPN and Disaster Recovery for a period of five years.
Compulsory briefing:31 March
Tender no: 18/ 2015
Information: Technical: Joe Khosa (011) 877 2000, fax: (011) 877 2222, e-mail: General: Merriam Rasetsoke (011) 877 2000, fax: (011) 877 2222, e-mail:
Closing date: 11 April

National School of Government
A suitable service provider is required for the technical development of an online Induction Programme (CIP) for newly appointed public servants at occupational levels 6 - 12.
Tender no: NSG BID 09/ 2015/ 2016
Information: Technical: F Greyling, e-mail: General: A de Beer, e-mail:
Closing date: 8 April

Small Enterprise Finance Agency
Interested parties are invited to bid for Sefa's Integrated Risk Management and Internal Audit Software.
Tender no: sefa: 04/ AUD/ 2016
Information: Isaac Mashaphu or Sebotse Mokgabudi (012) 748 9614/9725, e-mail:,,
Closing date: 8 April

Special Investigation Unit
Service providers are invited to submit proposal to provide Forensic Investigation training for SIU offices in Pretoria within Gauteng Province. The full minimum requirements are set out in the Tender Document.
Tender no: RFP: 10/ 01/ 2016
Information: Technical: Enoch Qoma (012) 843 0000, e-mail: or General: Tinny Matsimela (012) 843 0154, e-mail:
Closing date: 22 April

The Innovation Hub Management Company
The company invites potential services providers to submit bids for the execution of open innovation technical challenges under the OpenIX project.
Tender no: TIH/ 2016/ 03
Information: Technical: Paul Plantinga (012) 844 0011, e-mail: General: Nomathemba Dludla (012) 844 0074, Email:
Closing date: 8 April

Supplier database invitations

Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority
Service providers are invited to register on CHIETA's supplier database. Supplier database registration forms are available on the CHIETA Web site:
Information: Technical: Thendo Nemalili (011) 628 7000, e-mail: General: Ruth Manari (011) 628 7000, e-mail:
Closing date: 18 April

National Empowerment Fund
Suppliers who wish to render services to NEF will no longer register at NEF directly. Suppliers will have to register on the National Treasury Database as per National Treasury Circular No 3 of 2015/2016 - Central Supplier Database (CSD). National Treasury will maintain the database for the NEF suppliers. All existing and prospective suppliers are requested to self-register on the CSD by accessing the National Treasury Web site at For further information please check: default.aspx.
Information: Kedibone Mboweni (011) 305 8000, fax: (011) 305 8001, e-mail:

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
Parliament invites prospective vendors to register in its Supplier Database which will be used for the acquisition process and will contribute to efficient administration in line with the aforementioned legislation. An invitation is extended to suppliers and service providers nationally to apply for registration for the following commodities:
* Office supplies and equipment;
* Audio-visual equipment and services;
* Training and development
* Security equipment and services;
* Computer equipment and software; and
* Bar-coding services and equipment.
Information: S. Ndlovu or O Mdutyana (021) 403 8139/8436, fax: (021) 403 2603, e-mail:
Closing date: 15 April


Gauteng Emergency Medical Services
Supply, installation, maintenance, and training of computerised emergency medical and disaster management call centre tracking and dispatch system as well as emergency vehicle tracking.
Tender no: GT/ GDH/ 046/ 2015

Department of Public Enterprises
The Department of Public Enterprises invites service providers to submit proposals for the leasing of photocopy machines for the production room: Knowledge Centre.
Tender no: DPE 7/ 2015- 2016

National School of Government
A suitable service provider is required for the technical development of an on-line Induction Programme (CIP) for newly appointed public servants at occupational levels 6 - 12.
Tender no: NSG BID 05/ 2015/ 2016

South African National Biodiversity Institute
Appointment of a service provider to design and implement a national biodiversity information system for SANBI.
Tender no: BIM227/ 2016


National Development Agency
The supply, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of multifunction printers to NDA over a period of 36 months.
Tender no: NDA13/ FIN06/ 15
Successful bidder: Konica Minolta
Value: R1 210 656

The provision of configuration and maintenance of Internet services solution to all NDA offices over a period of 24 months.
Tender no: NDA14/ FIN06/ 15
Successful bidder: Vox Telecommunications
Value: R6 629 736

KwaZulu Natal Film Commission
Appointment of service provider to render IT Managed service to the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission for a period of three years.
Tender no: KZNFC- T22/ 2015/ 16
Successful bidder: Dimension Data
Value: R1 773 327