The importance of combining AI with human skills

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2024
AI cannot replace human skills.
AI cannot replace human skills.

ChatGPT (and other similar LLMs) has seen an adoption growth of four times since January 2024, and with it the hype around AI in the corporate world continues. However, Corlia Boshoff, head of design at Bizmod Development, advises business leaders not to get caught up in all the excitement of AI. “It is important that AI be seen as a tool to support the business and not as a replacement of individuals and their knowledge, skills and instincts.”

It is integral that organisations create a business model that is designed around AI, rather than just applying it to an existing model. Boshoff says the success of an AI integrated business model relies on employees being given the skills to adopt AI responsibly and effectively. “Being accustomed to AI capabilities and knowing how to use this will play a significant role in combining these tools successfully.”

Boshoff says that AI cannot replace human skills, as it will always need a human to provide additional context, instincts and knowledge that only humans possess. To successfully use AI in an organisation, employees need to understand what the capabilities of AI are and how to use them to achieve the overall business objectives. “As with the incorporation of any business tool, initially businesses may see a small decrease in productivity as employees become skilled and accustomed to using AI, but this will be made up quickly,” says Boshoff.

She says leaders should be aware of some possible pitfalls when incorporating AI:

  • Experienced workers have a deep knowledge and understanding of the business that AI can not replicate. An organisation stands to lose this by relying on AI to assume responsibility for human tasks.
  • As with all technology, AI should be seen as a tool that can support employees in making decisions (although it should never be used to make the actual decision itself). If employees are not skilled in the use of AI, they may not be able to view and interpret AI-generated content in this way.
  • Humans play an integral role in differentiating businesses that AI is unable to achieve. Humans are still required to use the technology to make informed decisions.
  • It is important to remember that AI is based on historical data. Therefore it may not be applicable to all business conditions.
  • AI can provide information that is inaccurate, misleading or unethical, creating the risk of mistaken decision-making.

Boshoff says that overall, it is important to understand that AI is a tool to support human capabilities. “Humans are still doing the work, but AI makes it easier and faster.”

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