The power of revolutionising the digital employee experience

By Ryan Martin, Ivanti Product Manager, Blue Turtle Technologies

Johannesburg, 24 Jul 2023
The digital employee experience plays a crucial role in shaping productivity, satisfaction and talent retention.
The digital employee experience plays a crucial role in shaping productivity, satisfaction and talent retention.

In today's evolving work landscape, where remote and hybrid work environments have become the norm, the digital employee experience (DEX) plays a crucial role in shaping productivity, satisfaction and talent retention.

To better understand the current state of DEX and its impact, Ivanti conducted a comprehensive survey of 10 000 IT professionals, executives and end-users across diverse industries. The Digital Employee Experience Report results shed light on the importance of technology in optimising DEX and the critical role that Ivanti Neurons plays in achieving this goal.

Shifting workplace dynamics

The workplace has transformed, with employees accessing applications and data from various devices, networks and locations. The traditional office-based set-up has given way to the 'everywhere workplace', where employees demand seamless access and a consistent experience across all their devices. In this context, organisations require a game-changing solution that simplifies and automates IT management.

Driving productivity and efficiency

Today’s organisations need unprecedented control and management of IT real estate. By providing real-time insights, Ivanti Neurons facilitates faster and more informed decision-making. The platform enables organisations to discover better outcomes, deliver flawless user experiences and boost productivity. The solution frees up valuable time and resources for strategic initiatives by streamlining IT processes and automating routine tasks.

Proactive issue resolution

Imagine resolving IT issues before they even impact your users. This is exactly where machine learning and deep intelligence play a part by automatically discovering and fixing issues, enabling organisations to pre-emptively address problems and ensure uninterrupted productivity. Ivanti Neurons allows your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives by eliminating troubleshooting from your agenda, resulting in enhanced user experiences and more efficient business processes. Employees can work with minimal disruptions, increasing satisfaction and higher productivity.

Real-time intelligence and self-service

Another area where Ivanti Neurons stands head and shoulders above the competition is that it fuels IT infrastructure with real-time intelligence, enabling devices to self-heal and self-secure. This, in turn, empowers users with a personalised self-service experience. With Ivanti Neurons, employees can resolve common issues independently, reducing their reliance on IT support. The platform enhances user satisfaction by providing intuitive self-service capabilities and enables employees to stay productive with minimal interruptions.

Driving bottom-line results

With Ivanti Neurons, organisations experience tangible business benefits from day one. The platform offers real-time insights that help mitigate risks, prevent breaches and optimise asset performance and costs. By minimising downtime, streamlining operations and delivering a fast return on investment, Ivanti Neurons directly impacts the bottom line. It enables organisations to allocate resources strategically, maximise operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Secure and compliant work environments

Security and compliance are paramount in today's digital landscape. Ivanti Neurons continuously sense, discover and remediate security threats in real-time. Organisations can maintain a secure and compliant work environment by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. Additionally, Ivanti Neurons provides comprehensive insights into software landscapes and application spending, empowering organisations to optimise their assets over their entire life cycle. With devices self-healing and self-securing, and users benefiting from self-service capabilities, organisations can allocate less time to problem-solving and more time to value-creating activities.

Unleash the full potential of Ivanti Neurons

Ivanti Neurons offers a suite of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations in the 'everywhere workplace'.

  • Ivanti Neurons for Discovery allows organisations to gain real-time visibility into their IT assets, facilitating efficient management and enhanced security.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management ensures personalised user workspaces, automates deployments and enables quick issue resolution across all devices and locations.
  • With Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Security, organisations can drive consistent security policies across users, devices and application access, ensuring secure and compliant operations.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Enterprise Service Management empowers organisations to deliver exceptional user experiences, optimise IT service management and drive business outcomes.

As businesses navigate the complexities of the 'everywhere workplace', the digital employee experience becomes a critical differentiator for attracting and retaining talent. What's required are solutions that empower organisations to deliver exceptional experiences, boost productivity and ensure security and compliance.

Navigating the digital landscape

Embracing the transformative capabilities outlined enables organisations to unlock their full potential, drive innovation and position themselves as leaders in the digital era. But this can only be achieved by leveraging advanced technology solutions so businesses can confidently navigate the evolving digital landscape, enabling employees to thrive in a seamless, secure and efficient work environment.

The proactive issue resolution offered by Ivanti Neurons enhances productivity and fosters a culture of empowerment and self-service, enabling employees to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business outcomes.

Moreover, real-time intelligence empowers organisations to make informed decisions, optimise asset performance and reduce risks, leading to increased operational efficiency and improved bottom-line results. By prioritising the digital employee experience and embracing cutting-edge technologies, organisations are better equipped to stay ahead of the competition, attract and retain top talent, and achieve sustainable growth in today's dynamic business landscape. 


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