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There can be no compromise on building, managing critical communications networks

By Sam Smith, Head of Department, Smart & Narrow Band at Altron Nexus

Johannesburg, 09 Oct 2023
Managed services play a crucial role in giving an organisation peace of mind.
Managed services play a crucial role in giving an organisation peace of mind.

There are a number of industries and business types that rely on secure, critical communication infrastructure. Some things are non-negotiable, and losing the ability to communicate or locate team members could be catastrophic. With the experience of building and managing some of the biggest critical communication networks in Africa, Altron Nexus understands not only the why, but also the how.

Uptime with critical communications is crucial. Whether the country is struggling with load-shedding or any other challenge, the communications need to be up and running effectively. Businesses must have full control over the security of their network, ensuring that critical communication is not intercepted. A well-run critical communication network ensures that there is efficiency and that user groups keep all relevant team members up to date, in real-time, with what is happening within the environment.

A company such as Altron Nexus, which is a leader in critical communications infrastructure and managed services, is able to deliver compelling solutions. These range from secure radio networks, GPS tracking, indoor tracking, a state-of-the-art workforce management platform that makes use of various types of technology and much more.

Whether it is load-shedding, crime or any number of factors affecting the ability to keep critical networks up and running, a solution needs to be robust and well-designed.

There are many industries, from law enforcement to security, to oil and gas, to mining – and much more – that cannot rely on sub-par critical communications infrastructure. While there may be broad-stroke similarities, each one of the organisation types within each industry has its own unique context and requirements. This means that it is crucial for a partner to be experienced and use the best technology for each scenario.

Altron Nexus’s approach is to build specialised, bespoke solutions for each unique customer. We build in various redundancies appropriate not only for each unique business but also for its location. Service level agreements are tailored to ensure that each requirement is met.

This requires a partner to constantly adapt to the state of the economy, the country, and industry. To be clear, we’re not talking only about reliable power but also about relevant and appropriate technology. This is where managed services play a crucial role in giving an organisation peace of mind. An experienced partner such as Altron Nexus brings expertise and experience regarding the extent to which certain infrastructure and equipment need to be monitored. We introduce regular health checks, for example, with the understanding that proactivity is crucial to critical communications.

Businesses that need critical communications understand that it's not just about putting down radio communications, for example. There are considerations surrounding the control room environment, CCTV, access control information and much, much more. A managed service in this environment enables the customer to remain in control, with all the right information available all the time, to ensure correct decisions are made quickly.

For example, emergency response or security would want the instant ability to triangulate an entire team, track availability and dispatch and respond within seconds. An open-cast mine that conducts blasting would want the ability, in real-time, to have confirmation of the exact location of every single person on site. Environments that enable these functionalities are complex with many moving parts that need to be managed effectively by appropriately skilled professionals.

It is prudent for businesses to seek out partners who work closely with ICASA, understand the full legislation environment and operate accordingly. Also, as many businesses operate in dangerous environments, such as mines or in industries such as oil and gas, organisations would do well to seek out a partner that builds intrinsically safe environments. This is a strategic focus for Altron Nexus: We don’t compromise on safety, we’ve built a team of deep expertise and experience, we ensure we are abreast of all rules and regulations to do with frequencies, products and more, and only use the best OEM technology.

Ready to elevate your critical communication? Reach out to Altron Nexus now.