Top 10 benefits of a hosted PBX system

Johannesburg, 05 Feb 2021

Businesses across South Africa now have the option of a hosted PBX telephony system that is housed in the cloud. Unlike a traditional business phone system, a hosted PBX telephone system doesn’t require the purchase of any hardware or servers or an IT team to maintain it. These hosted systems are located remotely in data centres around the world, with calls routed to the appropriate offices or departments of the business via the Internet. Many cloud-hosted systems even offer the use of softphones or mobile devices instead of traditional desk-based phones. Additionally, everything is maintained and operated offsite by a dedicated service provider – your only input is initialising the system to the needs of your business. 

If your business needs a more affordable, flexible solution for communications, a cloud-based PBX might be the perfect fit for you. United Telecoms has defined the following top 10 benefits of a cloud hosted PBX system:

1. Flexibility. Hosted telephone systems are primed for flexible and remote working solutions, so your business can easily move premises, downsize, expand or terminate whenever you choose.

2. Scalability. A cloud-based solution enables your business to add or remove users and telephone extensions and lines as and when needed, with no investment in additional hardware.

3. Feature-rich solutions. Businesses of all sizes, and from all industries, can create bespoke, adaptable combinations of the hosted features that they need, which can be integrated with other cloud applications for a variety of functionalities.

4. Automatic updates. Today’s Internet connectivity allows your PBX to be updated as soon as new software is released and ensures that the system is regularly and automatically checked for current updates available.

5. Cost savings. PBX providers have reported telephony cost savings of between 30%-75% when switching to a cloud-based PBX system, as there are no upfront costs, little maintenance and lower call costs.

6. Space savings. With cloud hosting, the PBX hardware is off-site, meaning your business has more usable office space.

7. Simple set-up. Most cloud-based PBX phone systems can be implemented within a matter of days and are ready to use right away.

8. Improved customer service. A virtual attendant ensures all calls are routed to the correct office or department; allows for interdepartmental greetings and special messages to assist customers with common queries or concerns; and ensures your customers consistently receive pleasant service.

9. Business continuity. Hosted PBX services can be located anywhere in the world. Therefore, even if your office is out of commission, your calls can still be routed to other phones or computers through the cloud.

10. Total control over your business communications. A telephone management system (TMS) is a user interface that gives you total control over the communications, allowing you to manage your PBX in real-time, straight from your desktop or mobile phone.

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