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Unbreakable Oracle - can`t break in, can`t break it

Johannesburg, 15 Mar 2002

Oracle Corporation`s new "Unbreakable" marketing campaign sees the software house focusing on the strengths of its Oracle 9i software platform, endorsed and certified by world-leading, independent authorities.

Marc Gower, marketing director at Oracle, explains that Oracle9i is designed to be an unbreakable infrastructure, which means - quite simply - that Oracle clients can store all their data in the industry`s most secure database and the data will not be compromised.

"Our message is that our software won`t go down if a corporate`s server fails, and it won`t go down if the site fails," he added. "And, as our 14 independent security certifications attest, hackers will not be able to break in."

The campaign`s key points include:

* Oracle9i Database Clusters Are Unbreakable.

* Oracle9i Database Clusters Make SAP Unbreakable.

* Oracle9i Database Clusters Make Microsoft Email Unbreakable.

"When installed and administered properly, the Oracle9i database with real application clusters is designed to handle any failure, eliminate downtime and keep data secure," said Gower.

The Unbreakable campaign revolves around two major aspects - Oracle9i`s resilience in the face of hacking, and its ability to provide zero data loss and minimal disruption.

Gower explains that the Oracle9i database has 14 independent security certifications, which he says is 14 more than both IBM and Microsoft.

"All software is vulnerable to some form of attack," he points out. "But industry experts have endorsed the Oracle9i database as the industry`s most secure database. In addition, Oracle is the recognised leader in information security and offers complete security, which minimises the possibility of security breaches. In addition, Oracle partners with leading security vendors to enable tight, end-to-end security for e-businesses."

The Oracle approach to security centres on such key functions as secure protection of data in storage with Oracle9i database, encryption of data in transmission with Oracle9i Application Server, secure sharing of data where it`s best enforced - in the database with Oracle9i label security, and automatic data intrusion alerting with Oracle9i Database fine-grained auditing.

Gower emphasised that when Oracle9i real application clusters are implemented properly, an e-business will never lose its data.

"Even if a server or site fails, Oracle9i provides patented technology to ensure zero data loss and minimal, if any, disruption," he explained. "Regardless of the type of failure, Oracle9i is designed to deliver unbreakable storage through a complete set of data redundancy and recovery mechanisms such as Oracle9i with Data Guard and online data management."

Besides the data guard functionality, the Oracle approach to minimising downtime includes site protection with Oracle9i database`s data guard feature, self service error recovery with Oracle9i Database`s flashback query feature, and near-elimination of planned downtime maintenance operations using Oracle9i database.


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