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Kaizania Agile training courses offer the keys to business success.

Johannesburg, 19 Feb 2024
Kaizania's ever-evolving curriculum is designed to help business leaders and their teams excel.
Kaizania's ever-evolving curriculum is designed to help business leaders and their teams excel.

Since the development of the Agile Manifesto more than two decades ago, teams across the globe have welcomed agile into their companies. Whether they are looking to become more customer-centric, want to respond faster to constantly changing operating conditions, or need to save time and money, agile is helping organisations become more responsive and deliver value faster.

Agile teams in organisations are continuously exploring how they can improve results in today’s dynamic business environment. In much the same way that athletes have to train continuously to stay at the top of their game, agile teams have to learn how best to perform, then sharpen their skills, and finally, stay in shape. Those that keep honing their skills are able to consistently focus on creating superior products, services and customer journeys, helping the company stay ahead of customer and market needs.

At Kaizania, we live and breathe lean and agile, which is why, when we identify an area of improvement, we have the means to address our customers' needs.

This is why Kaizania offers an ever-evolving curriculum, designed to help business leaders and their teams excel.

Agile Product Management

At Kaizania, our dedication to agile methodologies shapes our approach to innovation and learning. Recognising the significant value of the Agile Product Management course from the Scaled Agile curriculum, we embraced it wholeheartedly as a key offering for our customers. This course is rapidly gaining international acclaim as a vital step forward for individuals and organisations keen on embedding customer-centric techniques and practices into their operations. By integrating this course into our suite of services, we aim to directly respond to our clients' evolving needs.

The Agile Product Management course has proven to be an invaluable asset, particularly for some of South Africa's premier financial service providers, by ensuring that customer interests remain at the core of business strategies. Our commitment to providing this course underscores our understanding of its importance and our role in facilitating the growth and development of our clients through cutting-edge agile practices.

Designed to help product management use design thinking to put customers at the centre of everything they do, Agile Product Management offers a number of techniques to help align strategy and customer needs. These include how to use tools such as customer journey maps, customer empathy maps, etc, to achieve desirable, feasible and sustainable products, as well as how to define a vision, strategy and roadmap to satisfy existing customers and attract new ones. The Agile Product Management course allows teams to explore how continuous exploration fuels innovation, offering guidance around the right mindsets, skills and tools needed to create successful products that fulfil business and customer needs.

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Lean Portfolio Management

Organisations are moving towards being agile holistically. What this means is a transition from an agile team focus to enabling organisation agility. To address this, the Lean Portfolio Management course helps executives, project management offices (PMOs) and other key stakeholders plan dynamically and be flexible enough to adjust initiatives and budgets as the market changes. In a world where organisations can’t afford to let long budget cycles hold them back, Lean Portfolio Management helps agile teams connect portfolio strategy to the planning and execution of work, enabling them to adapt to change while maintaining their funding vision and roadmap.

Answering questions like how strategy can be connected to execution, how perpetual overload can be solved and how dynamic funding and governance can be achieved, Lean Portfolio Management helps teams achieve improved operational efficiency. Covering basics like how to connect a portfolio to enterprise strategy and establishing a portfolio vision, as well as more advanced topics like co-ordinating value streams and how to measure the performance of the lean portfolio management function, the SAFe Lean Portfolio Management certification brings time-tested principles to the teams and leaders that are best positioned to drive organisational change.

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Constantly delivering value

Kaizania also offers additional specialist SAFe accredited courses, including SAFe DevOps and SAFe for Architects. These courses are tailored to equip individuals, teams and organisations with the skills needed to implement agile architectural practices within an agile environment and SAFe DevOps focuses on establishing a continuous delivery pipeline by creating an efficient flow of value in the DevOps process before selecting the appropriate technology for DevOps requirements. Aimed at participants from technical, non-technical and leadership backgrounds, these courses are designed to open up new avenues for delivering value by enabling organisations to enhance how they achieve their strategic business objectives.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, enterprises face a higher degree of uncertainty and must deliver innovative solutions faster. Agile training provides the keys to success. Whether a company wants to compete more effectively, or it is struggling with delivery roadblocks and lack of collaboration, Kaizania’s agile training courses ensure an organisation can reach its goals in the most effective way possible.