Urovo FR1000 Intelligent Fixed UHF RFID Reader

Johannesburg, 11 Jul 2024
Urovo FR1000 UHF RFID Reader.
Urovo FR1000 UHF RFID Reader.

Unparalleled computing power

Running on an Octa-core 1.6GHz high-performance CPU, the FR1000 boasts exceptional processing power. It can manage multiple processes simultaneously, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Coupled with the Android 10.0 operating system, users experience superior performance and enhanced efficiency.

Rapid RFID tag reading

The FR1000 leverages self-jammer cancellation (SJC) technology to provide interference suppression and echo cancellation, resulting in a higher read rate. It can capture RFID tags in batches, with a maximum capacity of 1 000 RFID tags per second. The tag reading range extends up to 30 metres with a nine DBI antenna.

Enhanced security

With the FR1000, users can manually change IPv6 addresses and proactively monitor the network, enhancing security and protecting privacy.

Flexible deployment

Supporting POE+ (802.3at 25.5W) power supply mode, the FR1000 can be deployed flexibly without additional power sockets. This reduces both deployment time and costs significantly.

Rugged and durable design

Constructed with a cast aluminium housing, the FR1000 offers superior thermal management, ensuring stable performance and output even in tough environments. It is designed to withstand damp, dusty work areas, extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures, delivering the durability needed for consistent uptime.

Great compatibility and improved accuracy

Equipped with eight external SMA antenna ports, the FR1000 enhances accuracy and extends the reading range. Independent anti-interference technology for the 4G Main and AUX antenna, WiFi/Bluetooth antenna and GPS antenna significantly improves communication efficiency, enabling RFID extension to various fields.

Efficient management tools

The FR1000 comes with integrated HDMI, RJ45, RS232, GPIO and other ports, allowing centralised management of various tools in a wide range of RFID applications.

Adaptable to various industry scenarios

The FR1000 is suitable for diverse industry scenarios, including retail, jewellery, banking, archives, libraries and medical care.

Urovo FR2000 Desktop RFID Reader

Urovo FR2000 Desktop RFID Reader.
Urovo FR2000 Desktop RFID Reader.

Exceptional RFID performance

Leveraging the advanced Impinj E710 chip and proprietary algorithms, the FR2000 device achieves an impressive read accuracy of up to 99.9% from all orientations.

Anti cross-read

A robust metal casing prevents signal leakage, significantly enhancing reading accuracy and preventing cross-reads.

Simultaneous data transmission and power supply

Supporting USB power supply with an optional POE supply, data transmission and power supply are seamlessly achieved through a USB Type-C cable or RJ45 ethernet, effectively reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Real-time communication

Featuring a standard Type-C USB 2.0 interface, with optional Bluetooth 5.0 and RJ45 Ethernet connectivity, the FR2000 ensures seamless connectivity and communication with devices running various operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS.

Full-frequency UHF tag read and write

Supporting multiple operating frequencies and the ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2) international protocol, the FR2000 meets the requirements for full-frequency UHF tag reading and writing.

Dual reading feedback modes

A built-in LED indicator and buzzer provide real-time reading feedback, preventing missed tag reads.

Compact and easy deployment

Designed for a short RFID read range within 50cm, the FR2000 is widely applied in retail store checkouts, digital plate checkouts, book management, pharmaceutical management, jewellery management and more.