Vodacom mobile broadband kicks off

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By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 03 Apr 2006

Third-generation high-speed downlink packet access (3G HSDPA), promising connection speeds of up to 1.8Mbps, is now available on both the Vodacom and MTN networks.

In partnership with Vodafone Live and Siemens, Vodacom launched the technology yesterday.

MTN`s 3G HSDPA went live on its network on 22 March in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

"Vodacom`s 3G HSDPA is a 3G technology upgrade to the Vodacom network, using Siemens as the preferred technology partner," notes Vodacom COO Pieter Uys.

Faster than ADSL

Subscribers require a Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G Broadband card, which Vodacom says will entitle the user to download speeds of up to 1.8Mbps - faster than traditional ADSL connection.

However, the 3GB cap option will cost the user R1 597 per month - more than ADSL. The 1GB cap option is R599.

"Customers will be able to use their notebooks or mobile phones to surf the Internet at ADSL speeds and download large volumes of data such as movies or large e-mail attachments faster than ever before," says Jan Mrosik, CEO of Siemens.

Business advantages

Uys highlights the benefits of 3G HSPDA for the mobile workforce, saying users will have secure remote access to their company network at broadband speeds.

"You can stay connected for as long as you like because you will only pay for the amount of data you send and receive - not for the amount of time you spend working," he adds.

Vodacom was unable to comment further at the time of publication on the progress of the launch.

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