WBS brings iBurst to South Africa

Johannesburg, 22 Dec 2004

South Africans finally have access to effective and affordable mobile broadband Internet access through an internationally well known mobile broadband solution iBurst, provided by Wireless Business Solutions (WBS).

iBurst enables mobile and fast access to the Internent, and WBS is a mobile broadband service provider, dedicated to offering an effective and affordable alternative solution to current and conventional Internet access technologies. WBS is the first country in the continent, and the second in the world after Australia, to introduce iBurst to the market. Australia implemented iBurst earlier last year, where it has been well received. Through WBS, South Africa now stands as an international pioneer of mobile broadband, as more countries from both the UK and the East, are turning to WBS as a mentor in their plans to implement iBurst technology in their countries.

iBurst is available in two packages, the fixed package for desktop computers, which includes a modem-like device with USB or Ethernet connectivity ports; and the mobile package for laptop computers, which includes an iBurst access card. The fixed package can be connected to any desktop allowing easier movement of the service between various locations as opposed to fixed line connections. iBurst can also be used to simultaneously connect more than five stations at a time or can be attached to a local area network - or a wireless network -for the access to be shared between several devices in the home or office.

The mobile device enables the user to remain constantly connected anywhere and anytime, even while moving around. For example, an iBurst user can surf the Internet, send e-mails and access information on-line while driving.

The software is compatible with existing laptops, PDAs and desktop computers, and does not require any upgrades or new devises. The packages are available on installment contracts for an introductory price of R 454 per month.

IBurst is popularly known for its good network, which it has provided for the National Lottery over the past four years.


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