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White paper: Six fundamentals of business resilience

Build the foundation for reliable data protection.

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2024
Ensuring continuous data protection.
Ensuring continuous data protection.

Reimagine your backup strategy to ensure reliable data protection

No matter the size of your organisation, eliminating silos, controlling data and protecting against IT threats and cyber attacks requires continuous data protection. Manage risk and reinforce data protection by setting up a backup and data management strategy.

The 3-2-1 backup rule is a commonly referenced data protection strategy. It recommends three backups, saved to two different storage types, with one stored off-site. While 3-2-1 simplifies explanation, the approach is more than a decade old and isn’t enough for business resiliency in today’s ever-evolving environment. Likewise, most organisations have hybrid data-storage approaches, so they already have different storage types, including off-site to at least one cloud service provider (CSP).

Ensuring data protection is now more about management than redundancy.

Complete business resiliency requires going beyond backup to ensure comprehensive coverage with automated policies. A proactive approach allows you control data-related risks through visibility into your data, storage and backup infrastructure. To do this, establish a data resiliency strategy based on six fundamental actions.

Please download the white paper below.