Whitepaper: Choose the right software for your enterprise or small business

Johannesburg, 19 Jul 2019

Enterprises are better positioned for growth when using solutions designed with their size and complexity in mind. The delivery mechanism used (cloud versus on-premises) does not matter if the solution is considered an enterprise-class one.

Too often, a lack of understanding results in the enterprise selecting a solution geared towards a small to medium-sized business (SMB) market. In the ultra-competitive business environment this is no longer good enough. Organisations must therefore focus on putting enterprise solutions in place that are customisable to their specific internal needs, irrespective of industry sector.

The potential to leverage sophisticated and innovative technologies in an enterprise environment makes too much business sense to ignore simply for the benefit of a more cost-effective SMB offering. Enterprises require the automated features designed with their size and scalability requirements in mind, instead of being limited by the more constrained SMB software environment. This evolution is part of doing business, but it requires a willingness to embrace continual change when it comes to an enterprise’s IT needs.