Will Google Business Messages work for you?

Engaging with customers through the channel they prefer makes the best business sense.

Johannesburg, 04 Jul 2023
Stefan van Jaarsveld, Cellfind Product Owner and Manager: Messaging.
Stefan van Jaarsveld, Cellfind Product Owner and Manager: Messaging.

There’s no doubt that seamless customer communication is something most companies today require. Research shows that poor communication can severely impact the bottom line, which is why being able to meet existing (and potential) customers in their moment of need is absolutely crucial. Businesses need customers, so understanding how customers can reach a business best is critical. One of the smartest ways to do this is by enabling customers to interact in the easiest way possible – live chat – and that’s where Google Business Messages (GBM) comes in.

GBM is a seamless communication tool that leverages the best of Google for a better customer service experience. What makes GBM truly effective is its familiar interface, as Google Search is often the go-to resource for customers seeking information about businesses, regardless of their size, be it a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation. “Most people use Google services,” says Stefan van Jaarsveld, product owner and manager for messaging at Cellfind. “So instead of WhatsApp or any other communication platform, Google Business Messages allows a person to chat to anyone within that business directly as and when you need it.”

Boosting conversational commerce

Even with the various offerings and ongoing evolution of GBM, the main advantage, according to Van Jaarsveld, is the seamless communication it provides for you and your customers. “GBM is not simply a product that operates on its own; you have to look at the entire product chain. It is the centre of a business’s ecosystem,” he says. “With GBM, you’re getting a live chat platform that is fully integrated and part of multi-channel communications. Depending on the scale, the licensing fee will give you access to up to 10 agents as well as the ability to set up automated messages and even AI.” Van Jaarsveld explains that artificial intelligence (AI) is something that can be set up within Cellfind’s Flow Builder. “With AI-driven intent recognition, it allows you to respond dynamically to customer requests instead of relying on the historically popular static menu self-help systems. In a planned future enhancement, the AI will even respond to customer inquiries from knowledge obtained from uploaded business documentation,” he adds.

GBM also gathers customer data, a valuable commodity for any business looking to scale. "It's not just about the statistics for your business alone; it's about understanding the actual user interactions," Van Jaarsveld explains. "You can analyse the messages, the types of replies and the number of chats initiated within specific timeframes, like an hour or a week. The reporting capabilities offer numerous insights. You can identify specific activities, recognise peaks and the possibilities are truly endless."

It starts with search

Google has a 93% market share. That means billions of potential customers are already using the search engine to find the information they need on a daily basis – they’re already engaged digitally. When a customer visits a business profile and needs support, Google Business Messages offers a fast and convenient way to respond to messages without the need for forms or phone calls. (As an added feature, GBM also assists with indexing, helping to enhance a company’s online presence.) "There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get hold of a company via the phone or WhatsApp and getting stuck in an endless loop," Van Jaarsveld explains. "You deserve immediate assistance and a proactive approach from businesses. Many claim to have AI, but it's often just automated responses. However, here at Cellfind, our AI-powered intent recognition engine ensures a truly intelligent and efficient customer experience."

Ultimately, GBM provides the perfect entry point for a company looking to boost their customer communication. It’s a natural and convenient add-on for businesses across every vertical who want to engage with customers and provide the best outcome. “It saves time,” adds Van Jaarsveld. "When you visit most company websites, you often come across a 'contact us' form or instructions to send an e-mail or reach out on WhatsApp. But with Google Business Messages, that hassle is eliminated. No more redirects or searching for contact information or switching platforms. The chat is right there, instantly available for customers to initiate the conversation. It's a game-changer in terms of efficiency and convenience."

In conclusion, with its seamless integration and instant accessibility, Google Business Messages empowers companies to revolutionise their online presence, transform customer communication, streamline engagement and provide an unparalleled user experience, all while saving valuable time and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Written by Tiana Cline.