WLAN survey shows lack of awareness

Candice Jones
By Candice Jones, ITWeb online telecoms editor
Johannesburg, 14 Aug 2007

WLAN survey shows lack of awareness

Results are in from the fourth annual Kubernan Wireless LAN State-of-the-Market survey, reports Network World.

This year's survey, sponsored by Nortel, reflects in part the elusive task of synching actual network implementation with the technology or architecture currently being hyped. For example, nearly five years past the industry debut of centralised WLAN controller architectures, 46% of the respondents said they are now using or plan to deploy such networks within the next six months.

However, only 23% of survey respondents expressed awareness of these architectures.

Cisco, Texas interoperate

Cisco announced successful completion of interoperability testing of the Cisco uBR10012 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) platform with Texas Instruments' Puma 5 DOCSIS 3.0 CPE development platform, reports CNN Money.

The Cisco uBR10012 CMTS solution demonstrated upstream channel bonding, an important feature of CableLabs' DOCSIS 3.0 specifications and a key advancement for cable operators.

The DOCSIS 3.0 specification defines interface requirements for cable modems involved in high-speed data distribution over cable television system networks.

IPv6 to take up slack

The seemingly boundless Internet is running out of a key resource: new IP addresses, according to USA Today.

The reason for the problem stems from short-sighted programming, as was the case with the Y2K bug at the turn of the millennium. Addresses under the current standard, known as IPv4, are made up of four integers between 0 and 255. That allows for roughly 4.3 billion addresses - not enough to keep pace with expanding Internet access in India and China, as well as the variety of devices going online.

Newer IPv6 addresses are made up of six integers instead of four, allowing trillions of trillions of new addresses.