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Workonline Communications and TooMuchWifi collaborate to expand connectivity in underserved communities

Johannesburg, 19 Jun 2024
Tauriq Brown, CEO, TooMuchWifi.
Tauriq Brown, CEO, TooMuchWifi.

Workonline Communications, which positions itself as a leading provider of wholesale connectivity solutions, and TooMuchWifi, which positions itself as a pioneer providing low-cost, super-fast internet access, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing connectivity in underserved communities across South Africa. This partnership marks a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering local populations with reliable and affordable internet access.

With a shared commitment to community development and technological advancement, Workonline Communications and TooMuchWifi are pooling their expertise and resources to extend high-quality connectivity solutions to areas that have historically been marginalised in terms of access to digital infrastructure.

TooMuchWifi has garnered recognition for its innovative approach to providing unique yet scalable internet solutions. Through initiatives like the launch in Mbekweni (the largest township outside of Cape Town) and subsequent expansions in the Western Cape, TooMuchWifi has demonstrated its dedication to democratising access to the internet and catalysing socio-economic development in local communities.

The recent appointment of Tauriq Brown as CEO of TooMuchWifi underscores the company's commitment to driving positive change through technology. With roots in Manenberg, a low-income community in Cape Town, Brown's leadership brings a wealth of international experience and a fresh perspective to the organisation, further strengthening its position as a catalyst for digital inclusion.

"For us as South Africans, if we really want to close the economic gap – the gap between the haves and have nots – the only scalable solution in this fourth industrial revolution is to address the digital divide,” says Brown.

Workonline Communications, one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale IP transit providers in Africa, will complement TooMuchWifi's efforts, additionally providing support through their technical expertise. By leveraging Workonline's established infrastructure and industry insights, TooMuchWifi aims to accelerate its expansion efforts and reach even more underserved communities across South Africa.

Commenting on the collaboration, Benjamin Deveaux from Workonline Communications said: “We’re excited to partner with TooMuchWifi in their mission to expand connectivity and empower communities. By combining our strengths, we can make a meaningful impact and create opportunities for socio-economic development through access to reliable internet services."

Brown added: "This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of democratising the internet for all. Together, we are poised to make significant strides in providing access to connectivity, and providing that access at an affordable price. By empowering individuals and communities with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the potential of the internet, we can create a more inclusive and connected society.”

The collaboration between Workonline Communications and TooMuchWifi represents a significant milestone in the journey towards universal connectivity in South Africa. Combining their expertise, resources and shared commitment to community development promises to leave a lasting impact on the lives of millions of people across the country.


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