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Zoom Fibre offers bandwidth upgrades: Faster connections, same affordable price

Johannesburg, 29 Nov 2023
Zoom Fibre looks to democratise internet speed.
Zoom Fibre looks to democratise internet speed.

From streaming your favourite series to attending important business meetings virtually, everyone wants access to a high-speed network for less money. And Zoom Fibre is once again leading the charge. This time, they're offering customers higher bandwidth at no additional cost.

Zoom Fibre is rolling out two speed upgrades: a 15Mbps line and a 30Mbps line. Existing customers won't have to do a thing to benefit. In a revolutionary move, Zoom Fibre is automatically doubling the line speeds of all existing customers without changing their monthly price.

By doubling the bandwidth but keeping the price the same, they're not only increasing speed, but also making high-speed fibre more accessible to the average South African. In essence, Zoom Fibre is democratising internet speed.

New customers will be able to take advantage of the upgraded speeds at the previous, lower prices. To put it simply, what you would have paid for a 10Mbps line, you’ll now get a 30Mbps line for the same cost.

What does more speed mean for you?

Stream like a pro

With newly enhanced speeds, your streaming experience will be seamless. No more buffering circles, so whether it’s a trending series or a blockbuster movie, you get to watch it instantly.

Work from home like never before

The pandemic has made remote work a new normal. With Zoom Fibre’s upgrade, you can be on a video call while your kids are in an online class and still have bandwidth left for other activities.

Making fibre more affordable

Another crucial aspect of this upgrade is that it makes high-speed internet more affordable. In a time when everyone is watching their budget, getting more for your money is always a welcome change.

A new era of connection

Zoom Fibre is setting a new standard for internet providers in South Africa. By offering double the speed without any change in price, they're making a strong statement about their commitment to customer satisfaction and digital inclusivity. It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in the way we experience the internet.

If you’re an existing customer, Zoom Fibre has got you covered. Your line will be automatically upgraded. New customers can simply sign up for the plan that best suits their needs, knowing they’re getting a faster speed at an unbeatable price.

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