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Fighting cyber attacks with artificial intelligence

American anti-virus company Cylance uses artificial intelligence for a preventive cyber security solution, with plans for African expansion soon.

Digital forensics demands legal compliance

Cyanre MD Danny Myburgh discussed the merits and restrictions of digital forensics at ITWeb Security Summit 2015.

What are you trying to prevent?

Organisations should identify likely types of attackers and their motives to guide their security decisions, says MWR InfoSecurity.

End-users are juicy targets for hackers

If end-users lack awareness about cyber attacks, they remain the weakest link in IT security, says Symantec.

Nigerian cyber crime net widens

May 28, 2015

Perpetrators in the West African country are repeat, unrepentant offenders, says EFCC's Abdulkarim Chukkol.

Social media spurs privacy paradox

As social media use rises, the subjective notion of privacy will lead to confusion, says SITA's Maiendra Moodley.

'We are failing at infosec'

Do 'real' security, not just compliance, urges Reino Mostert, a security analyst at Telspace Systems, speaking at ITWeb Security Summit 2015.

Syndicates wreak havoc in cyber space

The majority of hacks in SA are masterminded by syndicates, says DFIRLabs.

Cyber risks and trends in Africa

May 27, 2015

ATM fraud and other common crimes related to financial gain are costly to Tanzania, says an expert.

Closing the security gap

Embrace hacker culture by collectively seeking out security flaws and fixing them, suggests a security expert.