Creating a digital future

The telecoms industry has had to change its approach, which, according to MTN SA’s CEO, Godfrey Motsa, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Turning data into rands

In an increasingly competitive environment, a digital strategy can’t be forged without strong data foundations.

18 Feb

Becoming more reflective of a digital society

Automation of the datacentre isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that will continue to gain momentum.

11 Feb

Changing the conversation

Connectivity may have evolved, but investment in new infrastructure shouldn’t have to come at a heavy price.

6 Feb

Keeping the end up

What’s happening in the world of end-user devices?

Dec 13, 2019

The business case for reskilling your workforce

There’s a fear that automation will steal workers’ jobs, so what can they do? And what should organisations do to ensure they’re not simply fuelling the unemployment statistics?

Dec 12, 2019

Building a data protection framework

With the common maxim today being that data is more valuable than oil, there’s no doubt it’s one of the most important assets a business has.

Dec 10, 2019

Stacking rings. For technology grownups

The Internet of Things is stacking up to be an interesting force for the future.

Dec 3, 2019

Leveraging blockchain in your business

By providing a virtually tamper-proof way of safeguarding data and ensuring its integrity, blockchain has so many applications across a wide range of industries.

Nov 26, 2019

The datacentre of the future

In a digital world, IT needs to operate with a completely different and increasingly demanding array of user needs and expectations. Organisations are re-evaluating or scaling down their datacentre investments, and some are even asking themselves if they need them at all.

Nov 18, 2019

The role of IT in healthcare

Tech is proving itself in the medical sector worldwide. What can it do for South African clinics and patients?

Nov 11, 2019

The mainframe is dying. Again.

In the fast-moving world of technology innovation, mainframes aren’t the problem; organisations are.

Nov 4, 2019

Building a data-driven business

If data is the new oil, then grab yourself some cans before things get messy.

Oct 23, 2019