Kicking Kubernetes into play

Containerisation is a rising tide of best practice for agility and scalability, and Kubernetes is the conductor that every containerisation orchestra wants.

18 Feb

The digital bond broker

MortgageMe has taken a digital touch to the paper-heavy bond application process.

4 Feb

Is 5G all it’s cracked up to be?

We live in a society driven by instant gratification, and 5G will only fuel this further.

28 Jan

Innovating the digital tether

Devices and systems are evolving to meet the changing needs of the digital workplace.

Nov 24, 2020

Transforming legacy into digital

Old Mutual epitomises long-term financial stability, so how is it progressing on its digital and data journey?

Nov 19, 2020

From oil and gas to retail

If you think that petrol and diesel is all there is at fuel stations, think again. These locations have transformed into retail meccas, and technology is playing a key role in enabling these brands to offer the best possible experience.

Nov 10, 2020

Who said the mainframe is dead?

Scalability, reliability, security and a long lifespan, these machines are set to be in enterprises for some time to come. The challenge is that the skills to keep them running won’t be.

Nov 3, 2020

The disconnected government

How has the public sector fared during lockdown? We asked a panel of experts.

Oct 28, 2020

Fibre for the future

Throughout the pandemic, the fibre networks that underpin our digital telecoms infrastructure have been a highpoint in an otherwise depressing affair.

Oct 23, 2020

Tech takes construction to the front of the queue

Tech-enabled approaches to construction are redefining the industry as we know it. Kevin Wilson, IT GM at Stefanutti Stocks Construction, unpacks what the modern construction industry looks like.

Oct 16, 2020

Moving towards a greener future

The myriad technological breakthroughs are helping streamline our work and personal lives, but at what cost to the planet?

Oct 9, 2020

Leveraging AI in the business

While we tend to think that AI is a new technology, the concept has been around for many years, and its impacts are already well established in the enterprise.

Sep 29, 2020

Digitisation + innovation = tomorrow’s financial services

FNB’s head of Digital Banking, Giuseppe Virgillito, believes continuous innovation in the digital space leads to better financial services for all.

Sep 22, 2020