Facebook IPOJan 17, 2012

Apple kicks off iPad 3 production

In today's technology roundup: Apple kicks off iPad 3 production, Facebook IPO reportedly set for May, hackers strike Amazon e-retailer, and Oracle plans huge security fix.

Chinese hackersJan 16, 2012

Chinese hackers infiltrate US smart cards

In today's technology roundup: Chinese hackers infiltrate US smart cards, Motorola claims early victory over Apple, 'French Steve Jobs' stirs mobile market, and Apple publishes supplier details.

ZyngaJan 13, 2012

LG unveils smartphone-controlled appliances

In today's technology roundup: LG unveils smartphone-controlled appliances, Electronic Arts exec defects to Zynga, 400 tech jobs on the line at Barclays, and Hulu hits 1.5m subscribers.

Microsoft BingJan 12, 2012

Bing eclipses Yahoo in US search

In today's technology roundup: Bing eclipses Yahoo in US search, Apple buys Israeli semiconductor company, Dutch court orders Pirate Bay blockade, and Virgin boosts UK broadband speeds.

SuicideJan 11, 2012

Mass suicide threat at Foxconn

In today's technology roundup: Mass suicide threat at Foxconn, Samsung confident of outselling Nokia, Mozilla eyes slow-paced Firefox, and cellphone users more inclined to drink.

AppleJan 10, 2012

Apple's Cook to top CEO pay list

In today's technology roundup: Apple's Cook to top CEO pay list, Google profits from illegal ads, 1TB USB stick added to army knife, and MS reveals next-gen storage capabilities.

AnonymousJan 9, 2012

Anonymous hits Sony again

In today's technology roundup: Anonymous hits Sony again, Israel vows hacking retaliation, US holiday electronic sales plunge, and Lenovo splashes Ice Cream Sandwich TV.

Facebook wormJan 6, 2012

Worm steals 45 000 Facebook logins

In today's technology round-up: Worm steals 45 000 Facebook logins, Lenovo reorganises business units, Italian court denies iPhone 4S ban, and LG, Samsung promise Google TV products.

Android MarketJan 5, 2012

Android Market tops 400 000 apps

In today's technology roundup: Android Market tops 400 000 apps, man crosses US boarder using iPad, Verizon doubles iPhone sales, and spouses blame Facebook for divorces.

WikipediaJan 4, 2012

Hackers unveil satellite network plans

In today's technology roundup: Hackers unveil satellite network plans, Wikipedia raises $200m, IE6 dies, and RIM slashes PlayBook prices.

IntelJan 3, 2012

Intel, Windows 8 team up

Intel, Windows 8 team up, China issues competition rules, Google welcomes advertising, and Sony cuts tablet prices.

GoogleDec 15, 2011

Google pulls fraudulent apps

Google pulls fraudulent apps, Tweets per second record broken, IBM settles EU antitrust probe, and PayPal eyes daily deals market.