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Toyota, Uber in talks on self-driving tech

The firms negotiate a possible deal for Toyota to use Uber's automated driving technology in the automaker's vehicles.

Rihanna urges fans to delete Snapchat


The pop star condemns Snapchat for intentionally bringing shame to domestic violence victims.

Broadcom targets smaller deals


The company is likely to pursue smaller acquisitions of chipmakers after its failed hostile takeover bid to acquire rival Qualcomm.

Helios Towers ditches London IPO plan

Shareholders decide to withdraw the planned London listing, which was expected to value the business at about two billion pounds.

Start-up fallout after blocked Broadcom deal


President Donald Trump's move to block Broadcom's takeover of Qualcomm threatens to stunt crucial Chinese investment in US start-up capital.

Bitcoin hit by Google ad policy

Google's ban on crypto-currency ads sends Bitcoin down more than 10% to its lowest in a month.

Google, Apple face EU law on business practices


Proposed regulation will require online platforms to be more transparent about how they rank search results.

Renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking dies at 76

The theoretical cosmologist professor, who made huge advances in science and prophesised about the future of technology, died peacefully this morning.

YouTube adds dose of reality to conspiracy videos


The video platform will display text from Wikipedia and other sites alongside some videos as it attempts to combat hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

Broadcom gives up bid for Qualcomm


The Singapore-based firm will, however, keep its plan to move its base to the US.

Digital currency sales face more regulatory focus

A global regulatory crackdown on crypto-currencies created by start-ups could slow the pace of virtual currency sales.

Spotify changes the music industry's tune


Many recording industry figures say the streaming revolution, led by Spotify, crippled the commercial logic of recording music as a profession.

'Shocking' number of MS discrimination complaints


Court filings lift the lid on sexual harassment and the systematic denying of pay raises or promotions to female employees at Microsoft.