Security Summit 2013

Eight charged in $45m heist

The group was part of an organisation that hacked into a database of prepaid debit cards and drained ATMs around the world.

May 10, 2013

Security on the Spot Series: IQ Business part two

IQ Business competence leader Craig Meyer discusses information security.


Chinese cyber espionage - widespread, aggressive

Richard Bejtlich, chief security officer at Mandiant, addressed ITWeb Security Summit delegates on how to formulate an attack-focused security plan.


Ten tips for IT asset disposal

IT asset disposal is an integral part of a company's operations, but are organisations disposing of their IT assets safely?

May 9, 2013

SAP security a must for SA

Seven reasons why the discovery and resolution of SAP security vulnerabilities are vital.


Laws to be aware of

Pending policies and frameworks will impact the information security sector.


Cyber forensics meets data analytics

When it comes to fraud detection, combining cyber forensics and data analytics proves a good strategy, says FACTS Consulting.


Cyber security: it's a war zone

This was discussed at the opening of the 8th annual ITWeb Security Summit, at the Sandton Convention Centre, on 7 May.


More to fear in 2013

Banking fraud, advanced persistent threats and theft of intellectual property will cause cyber security headaches, says security analyst.


Fighting fraud with BI

Fraud can be identified by patterns in transaction data, and monitoring these patterns can lead to early action.


Who's inside your company?

When a company reaches a certain size, compromise of some form is inevitable, says Mandiant.