Experience the power of connectivity with MakeMeMobile at SAPICS 2017

Johannesburg, 30 May 2017
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At this year's SAPICS 2017 Conference and Exhibition, in Cape Town, MakeMeMobile partners with world leader Honeywell to showcase the power of connectivity using mobile solutions and technologies, as well as cloud-based platforms that allow you to run an agile business with a smart orchestration of all related processes.

The theme of MakeMeMobile's collaborative exhibition is: 'The power of connected'. According to Andrew Fosbrook, Director of MakeMeMobile, the supply chain needs to drive faster service and more efficiency with a controlled 360^0 view for all stakeholders. "Over the years, many IT systems have developed next to each other, dedicated to a specific process or area. Inevitably, their stored information is not connected and often duplicated.

"To create more value for customers, the supply chain needs to overcome these isolated systems. As soon as isolated IT systems are connected and opened up to your field agents, a true orchestration of field operations can be achieved and mobile strategies can be implemented in the field," he said.

According to Fosbrook, it's not easy to mobilise your mission-critical IT systems and connect them with your workers, machines, business partners and other stakeholders. "This is especially complex within your field operations and with external stakeholders. Your solution must be secure, reliable, robust and controllable," he added.

If you interconnect your stakeholders, such as maintenance technicians, third party service engineers, delivery drivers, supply chain stakeholders and customers, the benefits are enormous, such as massive scalability, immediate availability of information and high performance.

Mobile technology is creating exciting opportunities for enterprises and is becoming key to future business success. On display at SAPICS 2017 will be Honeywell's Movilizer Cloud for Field Operations, which has integrated all key capabilities to implement your mobile strategies in the field and drive enterprise profitability.

Movilizer offers powerful cloud solutions that meet these complex requirements and enable you to mobilise your business processes and bring your IT system into the field. Join the Tech Talk at SAPICS, where experts will discuss the benefits of this cloud-based enterprise application platform and demonstrate how easy it is to extend SAP and other ERP system functionality to any mobile device, ensuring connectivity to the enterprise back-end systems.

MakeMeMobile will highlight its suite of mobile applications based on the Movilizer Cloud platform, which includes asset control, mobile delivery, yard management, inventory management, sales force, field service and van sales.

As a fully accredited Honeywell Platinum Performance Partner, MakeMeMobile will also demonstrate its range of handheld and vehicle mount mobile computers and long-range imaging scanners to optimise your receiving, picking and put-away workflows.

Another highlight of the exhibition will be Honeywell's Vocollect voice-directed solutions, which free both hands of the worker to handle individual items more efficiently in warehouse and distribution centre environments.

Visit MakeMeMobile and Honeywell at stands P17/18 at SAPICS 2017 Conference and Exhibition from 4-7 June.

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