Panda protects the skies with innovative security solution - how NAC secured its network

Johannesburg, 19 Jun 2017
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Fact sheet
Solution: Adaptive Defense 360, Systems Management
Industry: Aviation
Provider: Panda Security
User: National Airways Corporation

Brandon Kennedy, IT Manager of global aviation organisation, National Airways Corporation (NAC), is tackling the challenge of managing and protecting the organisation's infrastructure head-on. In over 70 years of business, NAC has grown to become the largest general aviation company in Africa, headed at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, with a network of local and international offices.

"Given the nature of our business, we have found one of the biggest threats to our security is what people bring back on their devices. With a remote workforce in high-risk areas, where cyber attacks are a daily reality, security is a major concern for us," says Kennedy.

Proactive approach

Innovative technology solutions can lessen the burden of managing and protecting a heterogenous and diverse network of endpoints. Kennedy worked with Panda Premier Partner, ChronoLogic, to implement a holistic solution for NAC. Panda's advanced cyber security solution, Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360), protects NAC from traditional and new generation threats such as ransomware.

Complementing AD360, Panda's remote monitoring and management software - Systems Management - gives NAC greater control over the organisation's IT infrastructure.

Kennedy was able to address NAC's cyber security concerns with Panda Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360) - the solution introduces a new paradigm in cyber security, combining Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Endpoint Protection (EPP) capabilities to provide a service that can accurately classify every application running in an organisation, as well as facilitate Web access monitoring and control.

"The technology behind AD360 is incredibly interesting, and is proving itself in our environment," says Kennedy. Not only is it effective in protecting the organisation from advanced attacks, Kennedy explains that the software was easy to implement - particularly given the nature of the network. "The ability to download the e-mail link meant we did not have to physically install the solution on individual devices; all the end-user needed to do was click the installation link," continues Kennedy, an ideal solution for any business concerned about managing and securing the organisation with minimal resource consumption.

Implementing Systems Management, with its easy-to-use, lightweight Web console, has had major benefits for Kennedy, giving him full visibly of, and control over endpoints from anywhere. It has meant that NAC can regulate and supervise their network by allowing IT staff to easily manage, monitor and maintain all devices, whether they are in office or working remotely.

Adaptive Defense 360 and Systems Management are invaluable, innovative software solutions for organisations given the complex and dynamic environment, and the efforts of cyber criminals. "We have noticed a marked improvement in the stability of the network, and in addition it has been completely free from advanced attacks like WannaCry," says Kennedy.

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