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netTalk releases 'world's cheapest VOIP phone'

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netTalk releases 'world's cheapest VOIP phone'

netTalk, a telecommunications, consumer electronics and cloud technology company, has announced that the netTalk Duo WiFi, the world's first lost-cost wireless VOIP telephone device, is now available at leading national Canadian retailers, EON reports.

The netTalk Duo WiFi works anywhere one can access a WiFi connection. It does not rely on a computer or a router to function.

According to Telecom Paper, the netTalk Duo WiFi includes all the features such as free Canadian phone number, free voice mail to e-mail and live customer support. The netTalk Duo WiFi carries a suggested retail price of C$74.95, which includes a full year of service.

Times Colonist quotes Anastasios 'Takis' Kyriakides, president and CEO, as saying: “The launch of the netTalk Duo WiFi across Canada is a truly momentous occasion. Never before have Canadians had access to a portable wireless VOIP device such as this. Since it works anywhere there is a WiFi connection, netTalk Duo WiFi is far ahead of the competition, which is why throwing the switch and turning off high phone bills, forever, should be an obvious choice across Canada.”

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