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Cruze Control Technologies (www.cruzecontrol.io), based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has partnered with Arago (www.arago.co), a pioneer in artificial intelligence and leader in intelligent IT automation based in Frankfurt, Germany and New York City, US.

Our software product HIRO is a knowledge-based problem-solving AI platform for enterprise IT, which is able to achieve over 87% automation rates across the IT stack, revolutionising business processes and IT operation automation, thereby laying the foundation for corporations to leverage the potential of AI and providing you with an AI platform to propel your business forward.

What is HIRO?

HIRO is a unique AI platform that consists of three major human abilities: learning, understanding and reasoning. Powered by Arago's algorithms, HIRO uses these three capabilities to solve problems, make decisions, learn and optimise itself continuously. HIRO, by nature, can be used to automate a wide variety of IT and business processes in today's rapidly changing environment. Furthermore, HIRO can also prepare the business for the upcoming AI era.

How does HIRO work?

HIRO acquires its knowledge through knowledge items (KI). KIs are atomic pieces of code written by IT experts, which gives HIRO the framework to solve issues and perform tasks. These KIs contain information including when HIRO should be triggered, in which environment it should work and what needs to be done, which can consist of actions, decisions or analyses. The system's ability to create solutions for specific tasks grows exponentially with the knowledge stored in the platform. Once KIs are created, they are re-usable up to 80% within an organisation, which enables customers to adapt to the ever-increasing speed of change in their IT environments.

Benefits of intelligent automation

* Cost-saving: Reduces overall IT operating costs by 30%-50%;
* Speed and agility: 23x faster to execute IT tasks and 80% faster adoption of new technologies
* Efficiency: Increases an average of 50% in staff efficiency;
* Innovation: Seamless integration with any existing IT systems; 80% faster for new technology adoption; freeing up experts' resources for innovation;
* IP protection: Retaining company's intellectual property; and
* Data and knowledge optimisation: Convert your IT intelligence into re-usable assets by mapping data into a semantic graph.

Technical characteristics and features

* Automates known and previously unknown complex use cases in non-standardised and heterogeneous environments.
* Offers full automation, semi-automation/diagnosis and root cause analysis. Supports accelerating change in IT environments, as only new or updated knowledge needs to be added.
* Seamless integration with ITSM tools like Service Now, HP SM, BMC Atrium through APIs.

HIRO Portal provides statistical information to monitor, track and analyse automation activities. It also provides resources for enterprises to improve their automation rates. Furthermore, the portal allows users to manage existing licences and installations, as well as to create new licences.

HIRO Community is where KIs can be shared, requested and reviewed collaboratively by logged-in users and Arago's experts. It also offers an enterprise functionality where KIs and KI bundles can be shared exclusively within organisations.

Use case: HIRO adds $4m in annual revenue


* Customer contracts bound to inventory values for a large ITSP.
* Mismatch on inventory provides inconsistencies on multiple ITSM platforms, multiple monitoring platforms and one ERP platform for accounting/inventory purposes, resulting in 70% data accuracy.
* Associated loss of annual revenue of $4 million.


* HIRO discovers values within systems from applications, machines, customer information and billing class for device.
* HIRO updates and reconciles CMDB information on the ITSM platform, monitoring platform, client tenant information and the ERP data set to include accurate information for client inventory and billing purposes month over month.


* Before HIRO, annual loss of revenue due to inconsistency was estimated at $4 million.
* HIRO achieved 99% level of data consistency and therefore eliminated this loss of revenue.

Enhance your IT infrastructure: Automation by means of artificial intelligence

On 28 June, at 5pm CEST, we launch our joint Webinar series, Hello Arago! South Africa, with a session on what AI can do for your IT infrastructure. Join Nikky Sooriakumar, CruzeControl's CEO, and Hanns-Ramin Glaeser, Arago's own expert on intelligent automation, for a live discussion, in order to:

* Learn why leading companies are already applying AI for IT automation;
* Find out how you can reduce costs, time, and free up people while improving quality and customer experience; and
* Find out how Arago's HIRO solution can automate your processes to up to 87%.

How to join:

Register here for 30 minutes of innovative ideas. No time to join? Register anyway, and we'll share the recording with you after the Webinar.

Your Cruze Control and Arago Alliances Team.

Cruze Control is the authorised reseller and implementation partner of HIRO for South Africa, an Arago product. Arago, Eschersheimer Landstrasse 526 - 532, 60433 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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