United Business voice and data division signs with Neotel

Johannesburg, 05 Jan 2016
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United Business Solutions has entered into agreement with Neotel South Africa to begin the roll out of Neotel's voice, data and broadband solutions to the South African market in 2016.

"South Africa has seen a massive shift in the telecoms landscape over the past 36 months, fibre, wireless solutions and next generation business rated 4G services. With the global shift to hosted solutions, unified communications and greater bandwidth requirements, modern businesses, large and small require a reliable, cost-effective and powerful broadband connection. This is increasingly being supplied via the next generation telecommunications suppliers with fibre networks to channel the volumes generated by modern business needs, we are partnering with those companies capable of supplying these services to offer our national client base the best end to end office solutions for the 21st Century", said Ryan Lumley, United Business Sales Director.

The agreement will allow United Business access to supply the full range of Neotel business products to its existing customer base of 3 500 clients, giving them access to South Africa's largest fibre network, wireless connectivity options and next generation 4G and 5G wireless solutions.

"Once you have the connection in place a host of options open up for a business. Increasingly people have become accustomed to using Google Docs or Gmail, these are essentially hosted services. As we become more accustomed to these type of solutions in our private capacities, so we are more willing to implement them within commercial spaces. The advantages are huge allowing rapid scalability, redundancy via multiple servers and reduction in costly onsite IT support."

United Business views the voice and data space as a massive growth area, enabling South African businesses the ability to reduce costs and future proof their businesses with latest generation connectivity.

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