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Johannesburg, 16 Sep 2016
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OKI a global manufacturer of business printers continues to deliver innovation for the creative businesses. With the latest addition to the OKI Pro series group of products - the new Pro7411WT white toner A4 printer.

OKI was the first to release a desktop colour A4 printer capable of printing in white. The Pro7411WT is the latest product that embodies this capability, where the conventional CMYK configuration is replaced by CMY plus a white toner (CMY+W). All colours printed including any black images, are reproduced using a composite of CMY toners. A white toner is then combined to support the production of transfer materials, transparent signage and labelling materials (such as bottle, jar and food packaging labels) as well as white on dark media.

The Pro7411WT is the ideal printer for printing on transparent media, with the option of printing the white layer behind the CMY image enables colour to stand out. White toner printing offers designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and a range of other graphics-based businesses, a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and production.

Having the white toner feature makes the printer a unique machine in the industry, as there is no other white toner printer in the market having revolutionised the Heat-Press. Some of the features include the ability to print on any media that one can think of, and the white toner printer allows you to print full colour on different types of media and material.

It holds unique capabilities. "People do not understand how good this machine is, because unlike other printers with the right media it prints on - cotton, poly-cotton, and polyester, leather, wood and dairy covers. It does everything, with one machine. If you buy a dye sublimation printer you can only print on white polyester T-shirts, no other media," states Peter from Studder Promotional and Distribution, and continues that: "The printer is suitable for any market that one can think of - people can print on just about anything using the right temperature. On the Heat-Press anything is possible."

The white toner printer has opened so many doors in the market, innovative technology, high-impact colour quality and cost-saving features that have brought the cost per print down blocking out screen printing businesses.

According to Ryan Harper, Business Unit Manager at Printacom: "The ability to print white on a desktop digital printer adds a level of versatility that will deliver unprecedented flexibility to end-users. The Pro7411WT demonstrates OKI's further commitment to the Pro-series group of products and the graphic arts market".


Printacom Technologies is the sole authorised distributor of OKI printers and printer consumables in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa including the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) region. The company is a member of the Tarsus Technology Group, one of southern Africa's leading IT groups and as such has established a solid presence in the market over the past 20 years it has been in operation. The company's philosophy revolves around offering the latest printing technologies, at competitive prices, backed by industry-leading service and support.

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