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Cryptzone's new enterprise capabilities with next generation of AppGate software-defined perimeter solution

AppGate serves rapidly growing demand for organisations adopting software-defined perimeter model.

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2016
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Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network security software, recently announced the newest version of AppGate that empowers companies with a fast, easy-to-deploy, Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution to ensure a more secure, dynamic environment.

Software-Defined Perimeter solutions mitigate the most common network-based attacks by authorised and unauthorised users. The SDP model, which evolved from the work done at the US Defense Information Systems Agency, has been formalised as a specification published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and is rapidly growing in popularity because of its ability to dramatically reduce the visible attack surface for an organisation.

Gartner recently noted, "Through the end of 2017, at least 10% of enterprise organisations (up from less than 1% today) will leverage software-defined perimeter (SDP) technology to isolate sensitive environments." [Gartner G00315586, It's Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool, Sept. 30, 2016].

"Organisations increasingly realise that they should be providing connectivity only on a need-to-know basis, if they want to reduce their security risk exponentially," said Doug Cahill, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Cryptzone's offering allows enterprises to dynamically create an individualised network segment of one for each user. With the latest version of AppGate, they are creating a compelling, enterprise-ready SDP option that organisations can quickly deploy to limit access and protect the full network infrastructure from being probed, detected, or traversed.

New enterprise-class functionality in the latest version of AppGate includes:

* Full redundancy of AppGate platform services for enterprise deployment, including high availability and load balancing.
* Secure user onboarding process, which allows for multi-factor user onboarding, making user and device enrolment simple, secure, and integrated with existing identity systems.
* Dynamic and extensible integration into the enterprise security ecosystem, such as identity management or security information and event management, for greater insight and coordination across an organisation's security infrastructure.

"To strengthen enterprise security posture, IT departments must build bridges between their security tools," said Kurt Glazemakers, CTO of Cryptzone. "With AppGate, Cryptzone allows the quick, efficient creation of a software-defined perimeter that integrates with existing security information systems, ensuring that attributes and policies can be dynamically applied across the enterprise. Cryptzone remains committed to helping companies seamlessly adopt an SDP model as their next generation security approach."

For more information about Cryptzone's AppGate solution, visit:


Cryptzone reduces the enterprise attack surface by 99% with its secure network access solutions. Using a distributed, scalable and highly available Software-Defined Perimeter model, Cryptzone protects applications and content from internal and external threats while significantly lowering costs. In cloud environments including AWS and Azure, Cryptzone provides user access control, increases operational agility and improves the ability to meet regulatory and compliance standards. More than 450 companies rely on Cryptzone to secure their networks and data. For more information visit

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