NetIQ offers new disaster recovery sizing capabilities in PlateSpin Recon 4 software

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Taking the guesswork out of estimating the infrastructure required to protect virtual and physical server workloads reduces backup costs and improves operational efficiency.

Most enterprises size their virtualised environments for optimal consolidation and performance. However, the capability to do so has long been missing from backup and disaster recovery solutions.

One of the challenges of disaster recovery has been that companies could only analyse the most basic characteristics of their workloads and storage footprint instead of having more granular data that would allow them to optimise their backup processes, minimise data loss and make more of existing infrastructure.

"This has created a dilemma for IT departments, forcing them to overspend on their physical and virtual backup infrastructure to hedge against potentially catastrophic backup failure without improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their backup strategy," says Connie Grobler, technical specialist for Identity and Security Management at NetIQ South Africa.

Grobler says PlateSpin Recon 4 solves such problems by coupling superior server consolidation capabilities with deeper insights into existing workloads that enable development of a more efficient backup plan.

"Hard data and scenario models are provided to report on the exact specifications required for a new disaster recovery environment, providing recommendations on frequency of backups which lower the cost of capital expenditure and labour for IT departments.

Grobler adds that by providing the opportunity to assess and validate backup and recovery plans in advance, Platespin Recon 4 offers users a new level of intelligence for backup and disaster recovery planning. It also reduces the costs of maintaining a backup infrastructure and minimises potential business loss and disruption by enabling users to accurately plan for backup infrastructure and recovery scenarios while improving the efficiency of the backup environment.

"Many existing backup and recovery solutions barely scratch the surface when sizing backups. However, PlateSpin Recon 4 has the ability to deeply analyse the rate of change of the storage footprint. Pairing analytical tools with PlateSpin Recon 4 enables users to more accurately plan their backup infrastructure and improve the efficiency of their backup environment."


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