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Stratus updates ztC Edge platform, delivers enhanced Edge Computing experience for partners, end-users

Johannesburg, 07 Jul 2020
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Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms, today unveiled new enhancements to its ztC Edge portfolio, which includes the ztC Edge 100i and ztC Edge 110i. This update delivers an improved and more efficient deployment and provisioning experience to help organisations quickly install of the zero-touch Edge Computing platforms across multiple locations. In addition, new manageability, security and performance enhancements will help partners and customers reduce their cost of operations and maintenance, minimise risk of data loss and ensure high availability for all business-critical operations.

The ztC Edge is a secure, rugged, highly automated Edge Computing platform that helps organisations achieve peak performance though increased operational efficiency and zero down time at the edge. With its built-in virtualisation, automated protection, industrial interoperability and more, ztC Edge ensures customers can quickly, easily achieve higher availability for their essential applications.

“Organisations are under pressure to ensure applications at the edge and in the data centre or cloud work in harmony to optimise peak business performance and enable more dynamic decision-making,” according to Craig Resnick, Vice-President, ARC Advisory Group. “Companies are quickly working to automate, modernise and digitally transform their businesses for greater return on investment while protecting their current business operations investments. To respond to these market demands, Stratus introduced new enhancements to its ztC Edge platform with functionality to directly address this critical Edge Computing to cloud strategy. The Edge Computing capabilities of the ztC Edge platform are designed to provide remote application management, more rapid and efficient multi-site deployment, improved security and high availability of critical business operations and applications.”

New additions to the platform include:

Improved manageability

  • ztC Edge system settings and user preferences can now quickly and easily be stored to a local drive or the Stratus Cloud. Simplified system backup and restoration will help companies save time by automating certain processes and reducing user error.
  • Different templates can be created and archived for different use cases, workloads or locations, making commissioning systems more efficient and accurate. Organisations can use these templates to rapidly provision single or multiple ztC Edge platforms from remote areas. This is especially important for partners who implement and manage multiple platforms across multiple customers’ facilities and properties, making it easier for them to support systems and applications from one off-site location remotely.
  • The latest version of the ztC Edge is Microsoft Azure certified, with integration capabilities embedded in the platform for simple systems management and faster time to value for customers.

Improved security

  • The ztC Edge 110i update introduces a new secure, cloud-based file repository, called the Stratus Cloud, for partners and customers to safely transmit, store and retrieve their ztC Edge system preference templates. Unlike other third-party cloud offerings, Stratus Cloud automatically authenticates users and groups using the same credentials as their Stratus Customer Service Portal account, saving partners and customers time and effort.

Increased performance

  • The ztC Edge 110i also comes with expanded 64GB memory capacity to support a broader range of memory-intensive industrial workloads, giving customers more choice and flexibility in consolidating multiple applications, such as SCADA, on one machine – saving costs and increasing agility.
  • ztC Edge 110i platforms are now Class I Division 2 certified, making them safe to deploy in hazardous locations. This certification allows ztC Edge to be implemented in a wider variety of industrial settings with more significant environmental variability.

The ztC Edge’s built-in virtualisation makes applications portable, while the computing platform also provides greater availability, resilience and data protection than other platforms. Numerous out-of-the-box capabilities improve the security of customers’ ztC Edge platforms, thus upgrading their security posture and mitigating risk. ztC Edge platforms also support common operational technology (OT) and IT protocols, tools and standards, such as SNMP and OPC UA, which makes them easy to integrate into, and work with, existing environments, saving partners and customers time.

“One of the biggest threats to customers is adding technology that is not dependable and not secure. Customers should never have to worry about these risks when modernising their edge computing capabilities,” said Jason Andersen, vice-president of business line management at Stratus. “For some organisations, having highly reliable and protected platforms in place is imperative to the success of their business. They depend on these platforms to be ‘always-on’, secure, and able to run in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs or support.

“With 40 years of experience protecting business-critical applications and environments, our ztC Edge platform has evolved to address challenges around performance, security and manageability for computing at the edge,” said Jason Dietrich, chief revenue officer at Stratus. “Stratus partners can trust they are providing customers simple, protected and autonomous Edge Computing solutions that will maximise their operational efficiency while minimising their operational, financial and reputational risk.”


For leaders digitally transforming their operations in order to drive predictable, peak performance with minimal risk, Stratus ensures the continuous availability of business-critical applications by delivering zero-touch Edge Computing platforms that are simple to deploy and maintain, protected from interruptions and threats, and autonomous. For 40 years, we have provided reliable and redundant zero-touch computing, enabling global Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium sized businesses to securely and remotely turn data into actionable intelligence at the Edge, cloud and data center – driving uptime and efficiency. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter @StratusAlwaysOn and LinkedIn @StratusTechnologies.

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