The '' of last-mile access

The digital era is characterised by themes of speed, efficiency and automation, says Marius Swart, CIO of Comsol.

Johannesburg, 24 Aug 2018
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For South African businesses that need to get quickly connected to the digital economy with high-speed connectivity, we've created a range of systems designed from the ground up, with our channel partners in mind.

"Our vision is to become the of last-mile coverage," explains Comsol CIO Marius Swart, "to make ordering enterprise-grade business connectivity as easy as buying a t-shirt on Amazon."

Swart explains that Comsol's leading-edge enterprise service management systems, harnessing the latest in automated workflows and API integration, give channel partners a real-time feasibility view of network coverage and the status of in-progress orders.

Comsol's Web-based feasibility tool gives its network of ISPs, WISPs, systems integrators and channel partners an immediate view of whether Comsol can serve an end-user's needs (whether they are in the coverage areas of Comsol's nationwide network that serves over 200 metros).

Advanced topological and geographical modelling gives channel partners a highly accurate view of network coverage, ensuring they do not disappoint their clients with inaccurate data or false promises.

Brand new tech

Swart says every day, Comsol sees an astonishing 1 500 feasibility enquiries via this tool. Of those, the majority of enquires (65%) can be immediately served by its existing network footprint, while the rest could be served via a bespoke Comsol solution.

This massive influx of daily queries is testimony to the ease of use and simplicity of Comsol's systems, he adds.

Considering it has only been operating its nationwide open access network for a little over a year, Swart says the systems built for channel partners use the very latest technologies, with no legacy systems or complex integrations.

"We cater for the entire service life cycle, from feasibility analysis, to order placement, to service fulfilment, right through to the installation and service assurance, where we monitor in real-time all of our services to ensure that it's within SLA."

Rapid installation

As orders proceed through the system, Comsol guarantees an incredible six to eight business day installation time-frame (from the date of purchase order) on its point-to-multipoint connections. For the point-to-point connections, networks can be connected within just a few weeks.

Comsol's state-of-the-art systems continue to serve channel partner and end-user needs, once services are up and running.

In the case of any network incidents, Swart says: "Comsol's Network Operations Centre immediately springs into action, sending proactive alerts to affected customers and channel partners, and dispatching support teams to quickly solve any issues."

Customers can log into the Web portal to get real-time updates on the status of the fault resolution.

All of Comsol's service components are designed in accordance with industry best-practice, conforming to ITIL standards of service management. From a network perspective, by being MEF 2.0 compliant, Swart says Comsol is able to follow through with its stringent SLAs, giving customers a highly resilient service.

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