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Johannesburg, 08 Dec 2021
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Boston Online Home Education focuses on critical thinking and soft skills to ensure that students are prepared for a challenging future and for the world of work.

In order to add value to students and their CVs, Boston Online Home Education uses Harvard ManageMentor online courses as part of our programme, which help to build essential soft skills for a global workplace.

  • Boston Online Home Education provides South African students with the skills and tools to open international doors while continuing with their studies in South Africa.
  • We live in a global world of technology, internet, communication and skills, and we need to equip our youth to be able to compete internationally
  • It is for this reason that we value the acquisition of soft skills, and their application in training and assessments.

Our aim is that students, while attending high school, should also gain work readiness skills, as well as skills that will enhance their higher education. These soft skills will allow them to work better in teams and also be better leaders.

While it may seem quite the early start for these types of skills to be developed with school-going students, we believe it is actually ideal as the world moves head-first into the fourth industrial revolution. It is not only the workplace that has evolved, but higher education too. These skills are essential in order to make the most of all opportunities presented to us, and to grow creatively, and with flexibility.

Boston Online Home Education provides students with the skills, tools and basic knowledge to compete on a global stage. Our additional soft skills programmes cover essential business topics in an interactive manner to help equip students with the skills needed to thrive in the workforce.

“While we value our local accreditation, these international courses add great value as they allow students to achieve a certificate of completion to add to their CV,” says Eli Katz, CEO of Boston Online Home Education. Call (011) 551 9111 for more info, or e-mail

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