Design perfect labels for any patch panel

Johannesburg, 02 Apr 2019
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The Patch Panel app enables you to easily create a visual representation of any patch panel with precise dimensions.

Distances between each port and between groups of ports can be customised and can be saved as a patch panel brand or type template for future use. With the Patch Panel app, you can design labels per group of ports or for several groups at once. Label data can easily be typed in or imported from existing databases before sending the labels to a Brady printer.

The app also enables you to easily copy port label information to cable label designs.

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Brady Workstation offers professional, intuitive apps to design quality product and cable labels and safety signs. With Brady Workstation, label design becomes easier, faster and quickly adaptable to new label norms thanks to centralised updates. Brady Workstation offers practical label design for a wide range of professionals. Simply select the apps you need, download the 30-day trial and purchase when satisfied.

Do not forget that basic design functionalities (Brady Workstation + Basic Design Suite) are free of charge.

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