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Arthur Andersen and F-Secure to Deliver "Security as a Service" in Europe

Johannesburg, 07 Jun 2000
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Y3K Security Products, the sole distributor for F-Secure Corporation (previously known as Data Fellows, Finland) in Africa, today announced that F-Secure had formed a strategic relationship that will enable Arthur Andersen technology risk management professionals to offer consulting and integration services for F-Secure`s renowned "Security as a Service" offering in Europe. Arthur Andersen will provide deployment and implementation support for the service offering of F-Secure, a leading developer of centrally managed, widely distributed security solutions for the mobile, distributed enterprise.

Arthur Andersen professionals will also be available to support F-Secure`s F60D (First 60 days) Program as business process and integration consultants. The F60D Program is a modular method for a service provider to get into the security services business. It enables service providers to efficiently and promptly offer F-Secure`s "Security as a Service" and launch the service commercially to support business objectives.

Arthur Andersen will help enterprises, ISPs, ASPs and facility managers implement their security solutions including enabling and supporting business rules and processes. Arthur Andersen has a European team of experts certified for F-Secure security products.

"Security as a Service" enables customers to protect their entire enterprise systems transparently, through their service providers. Specifically, it enables facilities management companies and other outsourcing specialists to "rent" security applications, ensuring that necessary updates and upgrades are made automatically without operator or user intervention, and allows multiple applications to be run under a single, centralised management console. The management architecture provided by F-Secure Framework allows efficient remote installation, management and updating of security for these customers. The security services are provided by the F-Secure anti-virus, file encryption, network encryption and other security applications.

"As more enterprises operate in a network or service-based environment, we need to provide solutions that offer both functionality and scalability in these environments while meeting the various needs of users. F-Secure provides this type of relationship", said Nigel Phillips, European co-ordinator for Enterprise Security at Arthur Andersen.

"Arthur Andersen has both in-depth product knowledge and strong business insight, enabling their consultants to provide consistently excellent services focused on aligning technology with clients` underlying business needs," said Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of F-Secure. "Today`s fast-paced, open world of network computing demands that this approach be secure and always available. This relationship will ensure that real value comes from the client`s investment in technology."

Under the terms of this agreement, Arthur Andersen may also use its worldwide experience in enterprise security solutions and business consulting to assist VARs and other third parties in deploying F-Secure Framework in large customer networks.

Y3K Security Products

Y3K Security Products, is the exclusive and sole distributor in Africa for F-Secure and Utimaco, specialists in providing data security products, including anti-virus and encryption software.

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