White paper: Five steps to reducing storage costs

Johannesburg, 01 Jul 2020
Read time 40sec

Despite falling hardware prices, the overall cost of storage continues to go up. As environments become increasingly complex with more robust service level agreements, security, data protection and compliance requirements, the time, effort and budget required to manage these environments is skyrocketing.

There are ways of reducing the overall cost of owning storage, however. This includes understanding the current state of storage environments, reclaiming unused capacity, improving optimisation and utilisation, enhancing the intelligence and visibility into environments and curbing out-of-control storage consumption by users.

This white paper will discuss:

  • Five ways organisations can reduce the overall cost of storage;
  • Examples from Veritas APTARE IT Analytics in applying these lessons; and
  • Next steps in getting a better handle on storage growth, management and economics.
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