Oc'e demonstrates latest technology at FESPA

Johannesburg, 14 Jun 2005
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Oc'e exhibited the latest developments in wide-format digital printing technology at this year`s FESPA, the largest global event for screen, digital and industrial printing, held in Munich, Germany between 31 May and 4 June.

Oc'e demonstrated its new 3D Sign Solution process, a vacuum formed, three-dimensional signage created using the Oc'e Arizona T220 flatbed printer.

This new process significantly reduces the time and material costs required to produce three-dimensional signage and delivers a superior quality graphic.

The Oc'e 3D Sign Solution consists of the Oc'e Arizona T220 flatbed solvent ink printer, Oc'e T220 Industrial Application Inks, Onyx Graphics Workflow Software, advanced training from South African company Sign-Tronic and sign-making substrates and vacuum forming equipment from various manufacturers. The Oc'e Arizona T220 can print directly onto a number of substrates used in the vacuum forming process including PVC sheets, acrylic, PETC and ABS materials.

By first printing directly onto the flat, unformed sign blank using specially formulated inks and then vacuum forming after the printing is complete, a three-dimensional sign can be finished in less than one hour.

Oc'e T220 Industrial Application Inks were specially designed for the vacuum forming process. The colours in the finished product retain their density and consistency even after the stresses placed on the substrate during vacuum forming, including an astonishing 24-inch draw. Consistent print quality of 600 apparent dpi using Oc'e ColorBlend six-colour technology is maintained throughout the image.

Oc'e also introduced its expanded CS6100 outdoor durable printer range. The Oc'e CS6100 solvent inkjet printer, a 2.6m wide, high-speed, high-resolution printing system that delivers outdoor durable output. The Oc'e CS6100 expands the company`s solvent printer line to offer customers the widest range possible in outdoor durable printing solutions.

The Oc'e CS6100 provides some of the same features of the Oc'e CS6060 printer including high quality 720dpi graphics with outdoor durability up to three years, production printing speeds and expanded colour gamut Oc'e IJC610 inks. The Oc'e CS6100 offers several improvements and additional features including:

* Media support for rolls up to 110kg
* A new 720 x 540dpi four-pass, bi-directional print mode with speeds of up to 20.4m^2
* Separate release liner feeding system allows users to print onto mesh and other open material without a liner backing
* Double-sided printing
* Double-roll / side-by-side printing

The Oc'e CS6100 delivers true 720 x 720 dpi resolution at print speeds of up to 16.3m^2 per hour in four-pass mode. It is a six-colour printer that utilises super-wide piezo inkjet print heads, featuring 512 nozzles per colour, to deliver high print speeds. For specific applications, a fine draft mode of 720 x 540dpi four pass print mode is available resulting in a print speed of 20.4m^2 per hour. In two-pass mode print speeds of up to 30.6m^2 can be achieved with a resolution of 720 x 360dpi. The industrial-grade print heads were designed to provide durability and reliability in professional printing environments.

The Oc'e CS6100 is designed for production environments where high quality output and outdoor durability are required. Owing to the 264cm width of the printer virtually all applications can be addressed. Sample applications include a wide variety of banners, point-of-purchase displays, vehicle graphics, transit advertising, exhibit graphics, museum graphics, wayfinding and window displays.

And finally, Oc'e also introduced a range of superwide printers from Gandi Innovations. Oc'e has expanded its product line with new 3.3m solvent and dye sublimation printers, plus a 5m solvent printer manufactured by Gandi Innovations. Oc'e is the exclusive sales and support channel for these Gandi Innovations models in select European countries including SA, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

The Gandi Innovations product line complements Oc'e`s existing offerings by adding grand format and high volume production printers to the portfolio. This enables Oc'e to offer the broadest product portfolio in the industry, from low- to high-end including solvent, UV-curable and photo laser technologies, across roll-based and flatbed platforms.

All of the above technologies are available through Oc'e South Africa. For more information, please contact Wojciech Skrzeszewski on +27 11 661 9555.

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