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Johannesburg, 27 Jul 2004
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Itec SA (formerly SA) who imports and distributes a quality international brand of imaging technologies, such as multi-functional products, copiers, faxes and printers. In the six years since receiving the right to distribute the Konica brand in southern Africa, Itec has become the fastest growing document solutions company in southern Africa and following the merger last year of Konica and Minolta, now supplies the Konica Minolta brand. Itec is a solutions company and focus on offering their customers a total document solutions package.

Itec has grown into an industry powerhouse employing over 700 people spread amongst 65 branches in South Africa and further into Africa. Today they have franchises in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Reunion. "We have learnt some valuable lessons from the Japanese, they are the first to establish themselves in developing countries to ensure that as the market grows they are already well placed," say`s Jacques Duyver, CEO of Itec SA.

"Expansion beyond South Africa`s borders is often a complimentary move, international companies expect their South African distributors to represent the SADC region while local businesses in these regions feel more comfortable choosing South African companies as business partners. Itec has received more requests for franchises from these regions than what their markets can sustain."

"Itec supplies a number of South African companies who have a presence throughout the SADC region. It is expected, as part of the total solution package, that Itec would be able to service these clients wherever they are located. This is often an assumed pre-condition to being awarded contracts from large South African companies."

Itec is founded on the notion that people make the business. This is echoed in their strategy for Africa. The challenge for their African expansion strategy is similar to the challenges they face in South Africa - finding the right people to manage their interests. Itec focuses on local entrepreneurs who have a drive and passion to succeed, once these people have been identified they have been able to successfully manage the daily challenges of operating in Africa.

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