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Multi-cloud strategies: why data and workload management are key

Rapid cloud adoption has delivered gains. Now it's time to take control.

As digital business strategies take hold at companies worldwide, the cloud is playing a pivotal role. By delivering fast ramp-up, low costs, and resources on demand, cloud-based services are enabling the agility that businesses need to quickly seize new opportunities.

In just a few years, companies have gone from cloud pilot projects to deploying many cloud services from a variety of providers, a multi-cloud strategy in which each cloud service performs a different task.

"Companies have already gone to a multi-cloud world," says Rick Villars, vice president for data centre and cloud at IDC.

According to IDC's 2016 CloudView survey, 85% of enterprises will be multi-cloud enabled by 2018. Multi-cloud is similar to - but distinct from - a hybrid cloud strategy, in which virtualised on-premises IT infrastructure is deployed together with public cloud services.1

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