DataDirect releases its latest version

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DataDirect Technologies, a provider in data connectivity and mainframe integration, has released the DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0.

John Goodson, vice-president and general manager for DataDirect Technologies, says: "During these fiscally challenging times the best-in-class data access and developer features found in the DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0 are certain to help organisations improve programmer productivity, bring products to market faster and reduce customer support burdens”.

According to DataDirect, its latest release of the feature-rich suite of 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC drivers streamlines application development, boosts performance and reduces application certification costs with the inclusion of DataDirect Bulk Load and DataDirect Application Failover.

With the DataDirect Bulk Load functionality found in DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0, software developers can load bulk data into a database the fastest way possible through ODBC and export data from one database and import it into another.

The new DataDirect Application Failover features in DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0 offer enterprise quality failover with no application changes. Solving the mission-critical problem of what happens to an application if access to the database goes down, DataDirect Application Failover provides a consistent, interoperable, database-independent solution for all supported databases.

"To achieve stable, reliable and secure data access, we opted to embed standards-based drivers from DataDirect Technologies into the latest release of the StreamServe Persuasion product," says Petter Eriksson, vice-president of engineering for StreamServe.

Version 6.0 is supported by Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Informix.

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