Old Mutual finds synergy with an upgraded Group Intranet

Cape Town, Western Cape, 17 Feb 2016
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The geographical disconnectedness experienced by large organisations such as Old Mutual requires a new generation of digital solutions to help bring people together. With enhanced social, search and community capabilities, the latest version Old Mutual's Group Intranet enables employees across the globe to discover improved ways of working together.

Old Mutual's Group Intranet serves 20 000 employees from 14 countries across Europe, Africa and South America and has been based on SharePoint (in previous 2007 and 2010 versions) as a platform for several years. Upgrading the platform to SharePoint 2013 was the logical next step, with improved social, search and cross business unit discovery enabling colleagues in geographically dispersed offices to start connecting on various levels.

The Group Intranet upgrade project was commissioned to bSOLVe and spanned several thousand hours of comprehensive planning and implementation work, culminating in a primary launch to all employees during 2015.

According to Henk Viljoen, Old Mutual's Group Head of Internal Communications:
"SharePoint 2013 enables Old Mutual to start the enterprise social networking journey with the Intranet as a key part of our internal digital strategy."

The bSOLVe team is delighted to have been offered the opportunity to be involved in a project of this scale and look forward to continuing to grow and support the Group Intranet as it evolves to support business needs.


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