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Moving to converged networks requires careful planning - MWEB Business

Moving from VOIP to an "everything IP" environment is extremely disruptive for a company, says Roman Hogh, head of Technology Strategy at MWEB Business.

Johannesburg, 14 Jan 2015
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Few business people make a conscious, planned decision to converge their networks into an all-IP environment, yet more and more businesses are finding themselves moving in this direction - often with disastrous results.

So says Roman Hogh, head of Technology Strategy at MWEB Business, who predicts the trend towards "everything IP" is likely to accelerate in 2015, as improvements in connectivity, including the declining cost of broadband and the increasing availability of fibre, continues.

"We have already seen growing demand for VOIP solutions - and this is usually the start of the move to a converged IP environment," he says.

According to Hogh, businesses invest in an IP PBX because of the advantages this technology offers, including, for example, free calls between branches or a single telephone number for all locations and devices.

"They then move on from there, often in a rather ad hoc fashion," he says.

He warns that because of the complexities involved in bringing two disparate technologies together, moving from a VOIP to an "everything IP" environment can be extremely disruptive for any organisation.

"The key to easing the pain is planning, planning and more planning - and working with an IT partner like MWEB Business that has expertise in and understanding of both data and voice networks, and can thus assist in making the transition," Hogh concludes.

MWEB Business

Founded in January 1998 as the business division of MWEB, MWEB Business provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of Internet access, cloud services, network support and voice services, to businesses of all sizes.

MWEB Business is dedicated to helping its business clients leverage the power of the Internet by providing a comprehensive solution for all their Internet needs, along with the expertise and skills to successfully implement this in their ventures.

MWEB Business provides Internet services to over 11 000 business clients.

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