Solution House introduces app builder service

The new service allows Incident Desk customers to configure and brand their smartphone apps, says Solution House's Tiaan Janse van Rensburg.
The new service allows Incident Desk customers to configure and brand their smartphone apps, says Solution House's Tiaan Janse van Rensburg.

Cape Town-based software and solutions developer Solution House has created a rapid app builder to offer users a way of creating a customised smartphone app for their Incident Desk-managed buildings, sites and urban areas.

Incident Desk is an incident and service request sourcing, routing and management engine. It provides site and facility managers with functionality for recording, tracking, visualising, alerting, escalating and reporting on site-related incidents, from infrastructure repair, scheduled service checks, intrusion alerts and criminal incidents.

It also eliminates manual incident reports and introduces mobile incident management for security and maintenance staff.

Delivered using a rapid application builder created specifically for the Incident Desk environment, the new service allows Incident Desk customers to configure and brand their smartphone apps without going to the time and expense of developing their own bespoke applications, says Solution House.

"Incident Desk is used to run arguably one of the largest private urban management and public safety solutions in SA, which encompasses many central improvement districts, areas, buildings, estates and shopping malls in one solution in real-time," says Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, director at Solution House.

One of Incident Desk's many advantages is the included smartphone app that connects all users to the Incident Desk environment and allows them to log incidents on location in real time, he notes.

"The TakeAction app is actually more than just a smartphone app, it is a service eco-system."

With it incidents are sourced from numerous entities - the public, security service providers, improvement districts, neighbourhood watch initiative and security estates, says Solution House Software. It centralises all incidents in one solution in real-time for service providers to act on.

"The smartphone app is an important part of the system because it makes incident logging and service request management instantly mobile and immediately available to all other users.

"But many clients want to go beyond the basic smartphone app included with Incident Desk and customise it to suit their unique environments better or combine it with other functionality, not to mention brand it so that it forms an extension of their organisations' identities."

Janse van Rensburg says Solution House has created the rapid app builder with these requirements in mind, giving users a way to create their unique smartphone apps linked to Incident Desk but branded and coded to function like their own bespoke applications.

The process of creating branded apps from scratch could cost hundreds of thousands of rand, he continues.

"With a few clicks and colour choices our clients can literally design their own apps for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time," he concludes.

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