Crystal Web launches LTE-A products

Johannesburg, 03 Jul 2017
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Crystal Web is pleased to announce Crystal Air LTE-Advanced. Crystal Air is a true alternative to fixed line DSL and fibre broadband and as the coverage expands, will change the broadband landscape in a positive and meaningful manner.

Crystal Web's CEO, Shaun Kaplan, says "Crystal Air uses the RAIN LTE-A network for last mile connectivity to homes and businesses throughout South Africa. It takes less time to get connected than traditional fixed line and fixed wireless connections, and works out more affordable for most end users. We're incredibly excited to be a part of a truly positive change in the South African broadband landscape, which remains our ultimate goal, and we'll be championing our Crystal Air products without long-term contracts, on a month-to-month basis".

Crystal Air is available in three simple package options:

Mach 55: R549.00 for 55GB data per month
Mach 85: R799.00 for 85GB data per month
Mach 120: R999.00 for 120GB data per month

Kaplan says: "Speeds are dependent on coverage, but in our testing, we have been able to achieve FTTH and FTTB-like speeds without any hassles whatsoever. While traditional fixed line broadband like DSL and FTTH can cost up to R4 000 to get connected, Crystal Air's activation fee is just R2195.00 and includes a wireless LTE-A router, SIM-card, and delivery. In addition, there is no Out-Of-Bundle risk with any of our offerings, meaning no client will be subjected to OOB bill-shock!".

Top-Ups are priced as follows and all top-ups are valid for 30 days from date of purchase:

1GB: R35.00
2GB: R59.00
3GB: R80.00
5GB: R115.00
10GB: R205.00
20GB: R345.00

The Crystal Air product suite will soon expand to include outdoor installations for even faster connectivity, and it is exploring the option of data rollover and other packages sizes. Crystal Air will be available to order from 1 July 2017 at

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