MobileData sees brighter future for e-commerce in 2017

Connected consumers will be able to exploit critical changes and innovation within the financial services and related platform development in 2017, says Chris Daffy, CCO at MobileData.

Chris Daffy, CCO, MobileData.
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Chris Daffy, CCO, MobileData.

ICT professionals admit that 2016 was a tough year, but those who are positioned at the edge of technology trends application are confident the tide is about to turn. Next year South African businesses should prepare themselves for a digital wave spearheaded by smart payment systems and blockchain technology aligned with the growth in social networking and mobility.

This is according to Chris Daffy, CCO at MobileData, an established technology service provider focused on payment facilitation and prepaid electronic value distribution.

Daffy believes that 2017 will be the year when connected consumers will be able to exploit critical changes and innovation within the financial services and related platform development.

Based on the company's extensive background and experience in the market, the company has listed several predictions that it believes will characterise the year ahead and impact on virtually all businesses as they embrace digital:

* TradeSwitch will embrace agnostically multiple "Smart" or not so smart - digital wallets.
* VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) will move aggressively into the SmartApp space and onto game consoles.
* Blockchain and Blockchain currencies will become mainstream.
* We'll see the first manned Hyperloop trials.
* In the local South African market Turquoise will become the new orange.
* #Data will fall with voice becoming marginalised or anytime calling with suitable indenture.
* Talking about the elephant in the room enterprise Databases will look toward a freshening blue as dusky red fades.
* Even products not considered digital will become digitised. The era of VAS will look toward Digital Product Aggregator and Management Platforms.
* Banks will continue to look longingly at networks for inspiration and the exact mirror behaviour will make networks try to become banks, insurance companies, haberdasheries, etc.

"Most importantly, let's say goodbye to 2016, a tough year but we know that we are in for a better, innovative and satisfying year ahead. It will be all about mobile, about cloud, analytics and the Internet of things, about sensors and connectivity. We know that this will play out most predominantly in the prepaid and financial services space, and we look forward to seeing how the market advances," says Daffy. "Let's try to have some fun in 2017!"


MobileData is a Proudly South African technology solutions provider targeting the prepaid mobile market and is positioned to assist Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in their quest to leverage off the next generation mobile communication growth.

MobileData is a company that enables fully managed, virtual product distribution and mobile transactional services for service providers that requires prepaid product distribution and payment facilitation.

The Company's flagship service delivery platform, TradeSwitch, enables customers across Africa to deliver reliable services to clients irrespective of location via the cloud. TradeSwitch is a secure, fully scalable, enterprise platform that delivers comprehensive virtual product delivery management and payment facilitation.

TradeSwitch is a merchant-centric platform that enables multiple delivery channels for services providers while enhancing subscriber and consumer experience by using the lasts technology and Smart Services.

The philosophy behind TradeSwitch is all about bringing the consumer closer to the service provider by giving the service provider access to real-time insights and full control over their distribution chain using innovative geolocation-based technology.

This enterprise solution provides several core services including full value chain integration of stakeholder systems, billing automation and business intelligence.

Its focus is on the delivery of robust MNO-focused and Value-Added Services and solutions to enhance the transactional systems of its customers.

As a premier national technology services provider, it places a premium on service quality, innovation, integrity and passion that all form part of the MobileData value proposition.

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